Dr.Ranjeesh Vuppay - Piles & Varicose Veins specialist

Dr.Ranjeesh Vuppay- Piles & Varicose Veins specialist

Consultant-General,Laproscopic, Colorectal & Varicose veins Surgeon

Dr.  Ranjeesh Vuppay, is an M.B.B.S from Kakatiya Medical College aCollege from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital,Pune(Diplomate National Board of Examinations completed in 2015). He has been trained in General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery,Laproscopic and Varicose veins Surgery. He has over 3years of experience in Surgery. He has also worked as an senior resident in Gandhi Hospital and Now working as Assistant professor of surgery in RVM Medical college.He is also a member of World association of Laproscopic surgeons

Achievements:- Dr. Ranjeesh Vuppay has extensive experience in dealing with patients from both the rural and urban areas.

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