Sudheer Gopidi


Sudheer Gopidi is an experienced life coach and Richard Bandler certified international NLP practitioner. He has double masters from U.S universities and worked in U.S for 5 years before moving back to India in 2002 for good.
Though Sudheer Gopidi has earned a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from “University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA” and has completed another masters in Computer Science from “University of Arlington at Texas”, his passion for health made him the Founder & CEO of “Vitality Health Services” as he truly believes that a person’s “VITALITY” comes back into life when the three things that matter the most i.e. mind, body and soul are fully aligned.

Driven by the desire to make real difference to the quality of people’s life, he takes pride in providing the best service possible.

Sudheer Gopidi’s passion for coaching began in 2007 and the people he has coached are all over the world now, living a life they love. Their love & respect makes them to keep in touch with him till date, sharing their accomplishments from time to time, boosting his quest to impact more & more people.
In addition to his primary biz responsibilities, Sudheer Gopidi has been serving as “Life Coach” since past 3 years for a company of 200 employees, where he conducts group sessions and one to one coaching sessions.

Sudheer Gopidi has worked in software industry for 15 years, gained hands-on experience in creating processes that can catapult the performance of any organization. Apart from 12 years of life coaching experience, he is now a certified NLP practitioner and a certified master corporate trainer. His facilities are equipped with a transformation hall to impact large number of audiences who believe in “learning is growing”. Outside of office, he enjoys playing cricket, badminton, chess, caroms and watching movies.

A pioneer in holistic treatment space, Sudheer Gopidi is adding a new dimension by combining wellness and sickness spaces, while also establishing himself as a respected & sought after corporate trainer and life coach.

Sudheer Gopidi is unique in the sense that he allots unlimited time for few folks  who really need help and attention. By engaging with them in long term coaching through his “HEALTH FIRST” program; not as a medical doctor but as a life coach; Sudheer Gopidi helps people not only recover their body health but feel great mentally as well, which makes them go after their life goals passionately.
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