Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad

What is Fissure?

A fissure is a small tear in the thin, moist tissue which lines the anus. The fissure occurs possibly when the person passes large stools during a bowel movement. It causes pain with the bowel movements. If you notice any symptoms of fissure, then you can visit the  Best Hospitals for Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad and get the best fissure treatment. The fissure can be caused by systemic malignancy, inflammatory bowel disease, tuberculosis, trauma, chemotherapy, etc. The  Laser Treatment for Fissure in Hyderabad is the best choice to cure the fissure completely. Laser Piles Clinic has experienced doctors to provide the best fissure treatment to their patients. The  Fissure surgery cost in Hyderabad varies depending on the size and location of the fissure. With the help of experienced doctors and the latest techniques, hospitals give the best  Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad. With the help of anoscope, doctors can detect any other possible causes of anal pain, such as piles etc.
Fissure is one of the more common lesions, and it can affect people of any age group, with some of them needing surgery or medication. The fissure may occur in different situations such as  childbirth, diarrhoea, long bouts, and others.

What are Types of Fissure?

Fissures are classified into two types, namely acute and chronic. Fissures can be defined by their location. Most fissures are located at the back, although they can be found at the front or sides. The  Fissure surgery cost in Hyderabad varies based on the fissure treatment.

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    What are the symptoms of Fissure?

    The anal fissure causes some signs and symptoms such as:

    If you have any symptoms and pain during bowel movements, you consult a doctor and get the best  Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad at the earliest possible.

    What Causes of Fissure?

    The anal fissure is caused by trauma to the anal canal and anus. Most people can remember during the bowel movement that their pain starts. Common causes of the anal fissure such as:

    fissure_symtoms - Laser Piles Clinic Hyderabad

    Who is at Risk for Anal Fissure?

    It is very common in infants and older adults because there is limited blood flow to the anorectal area. Women who have just delivered are also at a risk of getting anal fissures. People with any inflammation disease and those with frequent constipation issues are also considered to be at high risk as well.

    What are the Complications of Anal Fissure?

    Some of the potential complexities of an anal fissure are:

    How is an Anal Fissure Diagnosed?

    A doctor will be able to confirm the fissure after conducting a physical examination of the affected area.

    How is Fissure Treated?

    In most cases, anal fissures take about a few weeks to get healed. Patients should make sure that they keep themselves hydrated with water and natural juices.

    At Laser Piles Clinic Hyderabad, our doctors employ the most advanced treatment methods for the effective treatment of fissure. Some fissure treatment options used at Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic include:
    We recommend booking an appointment with  Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic, where you could avail the fastest and the most advanced  treatment for fissures in Hyderabad. Our doctors would also be happy to clarify any of your queries related to piles.

    Difference between Surgical and Non-Surgical Fissure Treatment

    Surgical blade, Suture material, Scissors etc used No Surgical blade, no Scissors, no Suture materials
    Cutting will be there No cutting
    Blood loss No Blood loss
    Recurrence chances high No Recurrence
    Hospitalization for 24hrs Walk out same day
    Pain is very high Low pain
    Bedrest for one month (Most Cases) No need of bed rest more than 2days Get treatment in 30minutes
    Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic is the  best fissure treatment hospital in Hyderabad. We do provide Laser Piles Treatment which is a non-surgical procedure. Schedule your appointment for  Laser fissure treatment in Hyderabad at 910 850 3674 or fill the form.

    How can Anal Fissure be Treated without having to be operated?

    To begin with, the doctor usually suggests some non-surgical procedures, including:

    How can an Anal Fissure be Prevented?

    While it cannot always be prevented, but below are a few tips which can come in handy for you to bring down the possibilities of getting an anal fissure:

    Where can I get the best and most trusted Laser treatment for fissures in Hyderabad?

    At Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic, we provide the best and most trusted Laser treatment for fissures in Hyderabad.

    Partial laser treatment for fissure in Hyderabad

    The partial laser treatment, performed under general anaesthesia by an experienced specialist, is a minimally invasive procedure wherein a small incision is made in the internal sphincter, providing relief from pain and reducing the strain during bowel movements.


    Laser Surgery for fissure in Hyderabad

    There are some traditional surgery methods like the internal Sphincterotomy in which just a small incision made in the anal sphincter can help get rid of all the pain and pressure. Available at the Laser Piles Clinic Hyderabad, this procedure is carried out using advanced and innovative technology with no blood loss. It is bound to help you get rid of your pain and discomfort entirely and permanently.

    What are the advantages of Laser treatment for fissure?

    Why Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic?

    Anal fissures can be agonizing, troublesome, and highly distressing. At Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic, Hyderabad, we offer laser treatment for anal fissures which not only heals the fissure completely but also prevents it from recurring in the future. This procedure is perfect for people worried about complex surgeries! We can do the surgery quickly without causing any pain. Our highly trained and experienced doctors with state-of-the-art technology will help you get rid of your condition perfectly. So, if you are looking for the best treatment of the fissures and leading a comfortable life, book an appointment today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the symptoms of fissure?

    Pins and needles pain, burning sensation, sensation of tear around the walls of anus.

    How can I treat fissure at home?

    Maintaining a good diet with fibre rich foods, green leafy vegetables, drinking plenty of oral fluids.

    How long do fissures take to heal?

    A Smaller cut/fissure can heal in 2-3 weeks, if the effected patient switches to non-spicy diet, higher intake of Fluids and regular sitz bath help one to get relieved quicker

    Can fissure can be cured without surgery?

    Yes, but takes lot of time and the patient may bear lot of pain every time he/she defecates.

    What should not eat in fissure?

    Spicy foods and meat.

    Can fissure be cured permanently?


    How do I know my fissure is healing?

    There will be no more needle prick pain while passing stool.

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