Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Piles Treatment

Our body is not going haywire, it is only telling us what needs to be fixed. Piles or hemorrhoids are a condition that affects thousands of people from around the world on a regular basis. The condition is caused due to the application of excessive pressure to the abdominal and rectal tissues and blood vessels. This pressure can cause the anal and rectal blood vessels to swell up and bunch together. Sometimes people might not even realize that they are suffering from piles.

However, they can be extremely painful, cause itchiness and even ooze blood. Suffering from piles can be a very uncomfortable experience. Conventional surgery is a bad option, whereas advanced US FDA approved non-surgical laser treatment for piles is the best. It would, therefore, be sensible that we learn about the advantages of laser treatment for piles and the disadvantages of laser treatment for piles.

There are two types of piles: external piles and internal piles. External piles occur on the outer surface or exterior part of the anus. Internal piles occur in the inner rectal or anal canal. It is not uncommon for people suffering from piles to find it difficult to go about their daily business. Piles can be cured through various methods. Some of the treatment methods can be administered at home. These methods do not cure you instantly but they do the job steadily.

One of the more common and modern treatments for piles that have been making waves is laser surgery. Laser surgery is best administered when the patient is suffering very badly and the pain is excruciating. Some of the reasons people prefer undergoing laser piles surgical treatment are:

advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles

1. Less Painful and Much Safer

Pain! Is the first thought that crosses the minds of people when they hear the word, ‘surgery’. Laser treatment is one of the least painful surgical treatments for piles. Previously, piles surgery was dreaded by most due to the amount of pain caused. Laser surgery does not create any sort of sparks, steam or smoke. This makes the surgery very safe to undergo.

2. Less Bleeding

One of the biggest advantages of laser surgery is that it does not involve much bleeding. In fact, the laser helps in reducing the amount of blood flow by sealing the blood vessels and tissues. The surgery does not affect the tissues around the hemorrhoid in any way. The advantage of minimal bleeding gives laser treatment a clear edge over surgery

3. Quick Treatment

The duration of laser surgical treatment is very short. In most cases, the surgery takes just 45 minutes to complete. Alternative methods might take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to heal completely. This makes undergoing laser surgery a better choice. The methods used by the laser surgeon for the healing process differ from person to person and case to case. Laser surgery is a lot more flexible.

4. Quick Discharge

Undoubtedly, staying in the hospital post-surgery isn’t a pleasurable experience. What if we say you can walk out in an hour? The patient undergoing laser surgical treatment does not have to remain at the hospital for an entire day or night. In most cases, the patient can head back home within an hour after the completion of the surgery. This reduces the cost of staying overnight at the hospital.

5. Quick Healing

With Laser Piles Treatment, patients can get back to their regular routine with a mere two days of rest. Though a patient would be able to walk out the hospital door within an hour after the surgery, a bit of rest time is required for complete healing. However, the duration required for the healing process is a lot lesser. One should be able to get back to routine with just a couple of days’ rest.

6. Easier

Conducting laser surgery is a lot easier than conducting regular surgery. This is because the surgeon has much more control over the process. The amount of effort that the surgeon requires to put in is a lot lesser. When the work of a surgeon is made easier, the results are almost always better.

Disadvantages of Laser Treatment for Piles

Like the flip side of every coin, there are a few cons for laser treatment as well.  There are very few disadvantages of undergoing laser treatment for hemorrhoids. They are:

1. Expensive Equipment

The equipment required to perform laser surgery is not cheap. This makes it difficult for many clinics and hospitals to afford it. Due to this, finding the right clinic may be tough.

2. May Cause Fire     

There have been rare cases in which the laser surgical equipment caught fire during the procedure. This does not usually happen. However, it could occur due to a manufacturing defect or if the equipment is not well-maintained or operated properly. When people do not know how to use the equipment, damage can take place. It is important to make sure that the surgeon performing the surgery is experienced in laser treatments.

The advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles clearly overweigh its disadvantages. The laser treatment has made known a remarkable level of convenience to human lives.

The best and the most advantageous part of laser treatment for piles is that it let you walk out of the hospital with a happy face in a very less amount of time. The time we are referring to here is of a few hours. Another big plus point of laser treatment for piles is that it involves no anaesthesia. This is an advantage because no anaesthesia means no or very much bearable pain during the process. A large number of people opting for laser treatment is good enough a reason to strengthen the fact that laser treatment is the best treatment for piles.

Best Laser Treatment for Piles in Hyderabad

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