Better to Go for Laser Treatment Instead of Anal Fistula Surgery

Anal fistula basically is an abnormal connection between the skin near anus & the lining on the inside of anal canal. Anal fistulas are generally caused by abscesses which develop within the anal canal. This collection of pus can eventually drain onto skin or be made through an operation. Anal fistulas usually develop when the tract made by pus to the surface of skin remains open. Anal Fistula Surgery is an option which is available for closing this tract. The only benefit of anal fistula surgery is that if the operation goes well, there will not be any infection or pain. Moreover, it is also observed that symptoms usually get worse without an operation. However, surgery & recovery are not easy & there are complications which are also associated with the operation.

Laser Treatment Instead of Anal Fistula Surgery

Surgical Intervention for Anal Fistulas

Anal fistulas generally do not heal by themselves. Surgical intervention is most commonly required to treat this problem. Usually performed under the influence of general anesthesia, anal fistula surgery typically takes around 30 minutes of time to complete. Nevertheless, in order to lessen risk of bowel incontinence surgical intervention may involve you to undergo many operations over a period of months.

Types of Surgery Required for Anal Fistulas

The specific type of anal fistula surgery which is required will depend upon the location of the fistula. Usual locations of anal fistulas are found to be below the anal sphincter muscles, through the anal sphincter muscle or above the anal sphincter muscle.

  • The surgeon will cut fistula open to skin & leave it exposed so that it can heal with the surrounding healthy tissue in case anal fistula is either below or crosses the lower part of anal sphincter muscle.
  • The surgeon may apply special seton stitches in fistula, so as to allow pus to drain easily, when anal fistulas have branches passing through upper portion of anal sphincter muscle.
  • Some anal fistulas are suitable for treatment with plugs that are made from pig’s bowel tissue. In such cases there is no requirement for making any cuts in the anal sphincter muscle.
  • Although this is rare, patients whose anal fistula has reached above the anal sphincter muscle are required to undergo temporary colostomy.

Complications Following Anal Fistula Surgery

Most common complications following anal fistula surgery include the following.

  • Bowel Incontinence
  • Involuntary Passing of Loose Stools
  • Involuntary Passing of Wind
  • Difficulty Passing Urine
  • Unsightly Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Pain

Recovery Following Anal Fistula Surgery

Although patients can go back home the same day following anal fistula surgery, they should however rests for the first few days. In order to help the wound heal patients are advised to walk as little as possible. Normally the incision can take several weeks of time to heal completely. Until then patients are required to wear a dressing pad. Regular exercising is to be followed as per the healthcare team’s advice & which is helpful in returning to normal activities as early as possible. However, even after all the hard work in a small number of anal fistula cases, the problem may come back.

Most Advanced Laser Treatment for Anal Fistulas

Laser closure of anal fistula is one of the most advanced sphincter-saving treatment procedure for fistulas. During this treatment primary closure of fistula is achieved with help of laser energy emitted by a radial fiber. This causes shrinkage of tissue around the fiber so as to close the track. Laser treatment for anal fistula is safe & minimally invasive. It is a relatively simple sphincter-saving procedure which has the greatest chances of success.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Anal Fistulas

  • Involves no cutting
  • No bleeding
  • Painless treatment
  • No need for dressing
  • No need of hospitalization
  • Go back to work the next day

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