Foods to Avoid with Fistula

Foods to Avoid with Fistula

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  1. Fistula Diet for Patients
  2. Best Food for Fistula
  3. Foods to Avoid with Fistula
Fistula is a severe problem where tissues are ruptured; it is the external opening near the anus, with abnormalities such as bleeding, pus, swelling, and severe pain. It is very irritating and has discomfort in carrying day to day activities. It is caused due to stress, strained bowel movements, constipation, and low fiber diet intake. Constipation is a major issue that can be treated to decrease the severity of fistula, it is recommended to take a diet rich in fiber, in order to reduce the complexity of the disease.

A nutritionist and a doctor give the diet chart instructing what foods need to be taken, medication, and suggestions to maintain hygiene. Diet varies from person to person though they have the same problem, depending on the other health complications they have. Acute conditions of the fistula can be treated by making necessary changes in the diet, but the severe conditions such as pain, anorectal bleeding, the formation of pus, needs medical attention along with the necessary changes in diet.

It starts as a minor issue and gradually turns out to be a chronic condition with infections, losing a lot of fluids from the body, and the body gets dehydrated.

Fistula Diet for Patients

  • Electrolytes and fluids
  • Foods rich in fiber
  • Foods that have a high water content

Diet plays an important role in the case of fistula. In addition to the medications, patients are suggested to adopt a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and maintain hygiene. To speed up the recovery process, it is important to concentrate on the diet and follow the doctor’s advice.

Best Food for Fistula

A patient suffering from Fistula is suggested to drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in fiber.  Add raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and nuts to your daily diet. Raw vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water, which supports your system and in wound healing. They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals to resist infection and decrease the severity of the disease. Here are a few tips and the best food for fistula.

  1. Beta carotene is a compound present in some vegetables and fruits such as carrots, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, etc. is converted into retinol, which is the active form of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to repair the tissues.
  2. Vitamin C: It is present in citrus fruits such as oranges, mandarins, tomatoes, strawberries, etc. It helps to prevent water retention in the body and stay hydrated and to resist infections.
  3. Suggested consuming dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, and walnuts, which have zinc in them. This helps in new cell formation and cure the damaged cells. Water-soluble nutrients are present in raw vegetables and fruits like vitamins B and C. However, it is also suggested to eat steamed or roasted. If you don’t like to eat raw vegetables or fruits.
  4. It is suggested to consume raw cabbage juice, as it softens the stools, which are easy to pass, also helps in reducing constipation.
  5. Drinking 1 to 2 glasses of orange juice can boost the recovery process.
  6. Salads are suggested in every meal of the day, adding chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, and microgreens. Cucumber is a very good option as it has a lot of water and fiber in it.

Replace white rice with brown rice, refined flour with flour rich in bran and husk. In ayurvedic medicine, it is suggested that taking cow milk with a spoon of ghee in it helps to reduce constipation and softening the stool.  It is suggested to avoid coffee or tea and replace it with a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon, which will add nutritional value.

Meat, fish, and egg can be consumed in permitted quantities; tuna, salmon, fish are rich in Omega3 fatty acids. Milk products that can be consumed in moderate amounts are paneer, skim milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Foods to Avoid with Fistula

Like there is the best food for fistula patients, there are also foods to avoid with fistula.

  1. Try to avoid spicy and oily foods; also try to avoid bulk eating. It is better to make small portions and have at regular intervals; the major portion of the diet should contain salads, sprouts, microgreens, etc.
  2. Try to avoid oily and spicy seasonings on the salad. Seasonings with less oil and very negligible spices are preferable for people suffering from fistula.
  3. Never Consume junk food, burgers, pizzas, deep-fried items such as chips, fries, etc. Consuming refined flour increases the problems in the fistula, like heavy anorectal bleeding, the problem in passing stools, and an increase in constipation.
  4. Never consume bakery items such as pastries, foods made of refined flour, hydrogenated oils, etc. Consuming items made of refined flour will delay the digestion of food and increase constipation.
  5. Avoid any food containing a lot of sugar, as the sugar content in the food will not boost the metabolism to heal the diseases.
  6. Never have heavy meals and make small portions.
  7. Don’t drink a lot of water while having food.
  8. Never use harsh detergents or soaps in the affected region.
  9. A slow and steady walk is recommended after meals; try to make it a regular habit. Do not sleep after the meal.

Sometimes, surgery is suggested by the physician, if it is very severe and the pain is intolerable. The surgery is only suggested by the doctor depending on the individual’s condition. Proper medication and maintaining healthy eating habits, regular walking, drinking lots of water, leading stress-free life, avoiding pressure on the affected region, and maintaining hygiene are some of the useful tips that help the patient to recover faster.

Yoga is also one of the best remedies recommended for patients with fistula. Try to consult a yoga expert and learn basics like meditation, breathing exercises, which help to release stress from the body and help in recovering fistula. Food to avoid mentioned above should always be kept in mind, even if you forget to take suggested food. This will prevent the worsening of the condition. If your condition is getting worse already, talk to us now.

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