Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Pros and Cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

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  1. What are the treatment methods available?
  2. Some surgical treatments include
  3. Why is laser hemorrhoid surgery better than other treatment methods?
  4. Pros of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery
  5. Cons

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the anus and rectum. Hemorrhoids may cause discomfort, bleeding, itching, and pain caused by irritated tissue. Although the condition can become painful, it’s usually not serious. Hemorrhoids are common, and most people get them at least once. There are several different types of hemorrhoids: internal, external, and prolapsed.

What are the treatment methods available?

Hemorrhoids treatments are not strenuous, nor are they too complicated. Hemorrhoids usually disappear on their own without treatment. Bleeding and pain may persist for a week or longer.

Doctors treat hemorrhoids with procedures if signs don’t improve after a week of at-home treatments. The treatments include the following:

  • Rubber band ligation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Infrared photocoagulation
  • Electrocoagulation

In all the above methods of treating hemorrhoids, the treatment causes scar tissue to form, which cuts off the blood supply, often shrinking hemorrhoids.

Some surgical treatments include:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy: A doctor, most often a surgeon, may perform a hemorrhoidectomy to remove large external hemorrhoids and prolapsing internal hemorrhoids that do not respond to other treatments.
  • Hemorrhoid stapling: A doctor, most often a surgeon, may use a unique stapling tool to remove internal hemorrhoid tissue and pull a prolapsing internal hemorrhoid back into the anus.

Why is laser hemorrhoid surgery better than other treatment methods?

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery is effective and is an outpatient procedure that uses a narrow laser beam to shrink or remove the affected tissue without causing much damage to the nearby healthy tissue. This treatment option is preferred over conventional surgery because it carries the following benefits:

Pros of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery:

1. Non-invasive procedure

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery is non-invasive and suitable for those nervous about surgery. In this procedure, laser beams are used to burn and destroy the blood vessels, causing piles to shrink and disappear.

2. Local anesthesia

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so there are no risks associated with general anesthesia used in conventional surgery. Thus, the procedure can be performed with minimal risk and discomfort to the patient.

3. Minimal blood loss

There is minimal blood loss associated with the procedure since no incision is involved. In contrast to the conventional procedure, which involves manual coagulation, the laser uses a laser to coagulate the blood vessels.

4. Minimal damage to the surrounding tissue

There is a high risk of damaging the surrounding tissues during conventional surgery. However, due to the laser beams’ precision and accuracy, there is no damage to the surrounding tissues.

5. Reduced pain and discomfort

The majority of patients are afraid of the pain they might feel after conventional surgery. After surgery, bowel movements may be excruciating. Compared to traditional surgery, laser surgery causes minimal tissue damage and is less painful, so it is a preferred option for patients.

6. Outpatient procedure

Since laser surgery does not require intensive postoperative monitoring, the patient does not need to be hospitalized and can return home the same day. It is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

7. Open wounds and sutures are not seen

The procedure does not involve an incision, so there will be no open wounds or sutures, unlike conventional surgery. There will be no chance of infection after the surgery and no dressing changes. This allows the patient to feel more comfortable and has minimal pain.

8. Quick recovery

Surgery requires general anesthesia, intensive postoperative monitoring, and a hospital stay for recovery. Laser surgery, in contrast, is associated with a quicker recovery period since it requires only local anesthesia, does not require intensive monitoring, and does not require extensive healing time.

9. Minimal risk of post-surgical complications

Postoperative complications are more likely to occur with conventional surgery. The complications may include bleeding at the incision site, infection, and pain and discomfort caused by general anesthesia. However, the risks of such complications are relatively low with laser surgery.

10. Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery requires fewer follow-up visits

Patients who undergo conventional piles surgery may need to visit their doctor multiple times to monitor their recovery. Many times, patients find it inconvenient to attend multiple follow-up appointments. In contrast, laser surgery requires fewer follow-up visits to monitor a patient’s recovery.

11. The recurrence rate is low

Even after undergoing conventional surgery for piles, one is still not free from them permanently. A recurrence of piles is possible even after surgery. With laser surgeries, the recurrence rate of piles is much lower, and patients tend to be disease-free for more extended periods.

12. The success rate is high

Laser surgery for piles has much better patient outcomes than conventional surgery. Using the laser, the affected blood vessels can be effectively coagulated compared to conventional surgery.

13. Early resumption of activities

In most cases, patients who undergo laser surgery for piles can return to their normal activities within 1 to 3 days after the procedure. Conventional surgeries can require several weeks for patients to return to work, resulting in financial hardships for patients and their families.


  1. There is a risk of scarring or burning the surrounding skin
  2. You may have multiple treatments over time.
  3. It is expensive.
  4. Laser treatment can cause pain and bleeding during or after the procedure, which may last for several days.

Even though we are more informed about various hemorrhoid treatments, doctors prefer the Laser hemorrhoid treatments as the most effective treatment method, and they recommend it over the surgery option, if possible.

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