Say No to Piles Surgery

Say No to Piles Surgery

Say no to painful surgery. Go for specialized laser treatment. Piles are tortuous veins that bulge into the anal canal. There are several factors which are responsible for this engorgement of anal veins. Chronic constipation is the most common cause of piles. Straining while defecation puts pressure on veins & which leads to congestion & engorgement & subsequently leads to piles or hemorrhoids. Hard stools can get these veins rupture due to straining. It can also initiate painless bleeding. Painless bleeding may be in the form of spurts of fresh blood or fresh blood drops. Bleeding is however the only symptom which patients complain at this stage. This is known as the 1st degree hemorrhoid. Pile mass may protrude out during defecation when these congested rectal vein s increase in size.

Types of Piles

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids. These are dilated & engorged veins carrying blood in the anal canal. These are dilated blood veins which are located near the anus. There are two main types of piles.

  • internal Hemorrhoids
  • External Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are more common in the human body than external hemorrhoids. They appear about 2 centimeters above the opening of the anal canal.

External piles however occur on the outside of the anus.

Different Stages of Internal Piles

Here are the different stages of Internal Piles

  • 1st Stage – The patient would complain of painless bleeding during bowel movement.
  • 2nd Stage – Painless bleeding along with mass protruding out per rectum during bowel movement. Manual reduction is necessary during defecation.
  • 3rd Stage – Pile mass cannot be reduced back. It can come out on sitting, walking or coughing.

Symptoms of Piles

Here are some of the symptoms of piles –

  • Blood drops with passage of stool
  • Blood spurts can also be observed during bowel movement
  • Unbearable itchiness around anus while passing stools
  • Lump or soft mass coming out through anus while passing stools
  • Pile masses can get infected or inflamed with symptoms of acute pain

Treatment of Piles without Surgery

Yes, in the initial stages it is possible to treat piles without surgery. You don’t have to undergo the knife, there are treatments which are non-surgical & without bleeding. Laser treatment for piles involves no cutting or bleeding. Pile mass shredded through a laser procedure which does not require any dressing afterwards. No hospitalization is required after the treatment. You can walk out the same day after treatment.

Laser Treatment of Piles

Laser Piles Clinic is the best hospital for piles treatment in Hyderabad. Specialist doctors at the Laser Piles Clinic have good success rates on laser treatment on piles with US FDA approved advanced technologies. The treatment procedure is completely knifeless & you can walk out of the clinic within 2 to 4 hours. Lady doctors are also available for female patients at Laser Piles Clinics in Hyderabad.

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