What is Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

What is Laser Hemorrhoidectomy? What are the Benefits of Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

Laser hemorrhoidectomy is the least invasive surgery that is performed by directing a beam of laser energy onto hemorrhoid to take it out of a patient’s body.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the lower part of a human’s rectum. When the veins swell and cause irritation, the walls of these blood vessels broaden a lot particularly when they empty their bowels.

Occurring mostly in adults aged above 50, they are further classified as internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids develop within the rectum of the patients. While the ones that develop outside the anus are referred to as external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are known to occur more in patients. They are also the cause of extreme inconvenience.

Signs of Hemorrhoids

When individuals are afflicted with hemorrhoids, they usually experience bleeding in their rectums. People suffering from internal hemorrhoids cannot normally feel or see them are they are deep inside the rectum. These don’t hurt as much as the external ones as there are only a few nerves that can sense pain here.

Patients with this condition bleed on their fecal matter, spreading them to the toilet bowls. They may also cause tissues outside the anal openings to bloat – a condition known as prolapse.

On the other hand, external hemorrhoids occur under the skin surrounding the anus. They are, therefore, visible, and cause more pain as the nerves affected here are more sensitive. When individuals strain during defecation, it may lead to bleeding, pain, and acute itching.

Among the other reasons for this condition is that heredity plays a role in the contraction of hemorrhoids, besides obesity, pregnancy, and standing or sitting for long stretches, etc. are responsible.

It is not necessary for every hemorrhoids patient to opt for treatment. Such patients can treat their condition by eating more vegetables and fruits, high-fiber foods, and whole grains or by taking oral pain-relieving medications.

Why Laser Hemorrhoidectomy?

Laser hemorrhoidectomy is considered one of the most effective surgeries for providing quick relief by getting rid of painful symptoms. This outpatient surgery eliminates hemorrhoids by completely eliminating them.

Other Benefits of Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

Laser surgery is preferred over other procedures for removing hemorrhoids lasers because the incision can be closed very quickly to allow the blood to clot, allowing the prevention of bleeding. After hemorrhoids are removed, the surgeons tidy up by sterilizing the operated area. Patients also won’t feel any pain during this surgery.

Even though conventional surgeries are still being used, laser hemorrhoidectomy is fast gaining traction as a preferred option by those working in the healthcare sector. If a patient has no established history of these symptoms, then laser surgery is surely the most efficacious option for eliminating piles.

Another factor favouring laser surgery is that it is an outpatient procedure and, therefore, does not require hospitalization. What’s more, the surgeon will zero in on the precise area that needs treatment and the tissues surrounding it are untouched.

Apart from the advantages mentioned, this surgery is preferred for the following reasons.

  • It minimizes medical complications
  • It provides more options for the surgeon to effectually use the beam of laser light, enhancing manifold the success ratio of the procedure.
  • The onus on the surgeons who are executing this procedure is much lesser as it ensures their safety more often than not.
  • It quickens the pace of the patient’s recovery.
  • Patients will also opt for it as there is no bleeding or inconvenience and it also enables them to recover quickly.
  • The laser hemorrhoid procedure has also been proven to have a high success rate.

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