Chronic Anal Fissures are Treatable

Why Suffer in Silence? Chronic Anal Fissures are Treatable

Why suffer in silence when there is painless laser treatment available for chronic anal fissures. Anal fissures are painful paper-like tears within the anal canal. Treatment of anal fissures is very important, since there is an increased risk of HIV infection, especially when you are indulging in anal sex. When people bottom, there are chances that skin will tear a bit & eventually hurt. It is therefore quite necessary to understand that anal fissures can be treated & healed. Don’t just think that this is a consequence of having sex & never take it lightly.

What are Anal Fissures?

These are tiny tears within the anal canal. While they can bleed a lot, pain & potential embarrassment they can cause is harassing. Moreover, experiencing blood coming out of the anus can be emotionally traumatic. Nevertheless, most people suffer in silence instead of seeking proper treatment. Since the anus is not perfectly round, anal fissures usually happen in the pinched area. When you get tear in this area, the lack of blood flow prevents healing. For many people the anal fissure heals on its own, while for others the fissure breaks & remains chronically open.

How are Anal Fissures Caused?

Usually caused by trauma to the anal canal, anal fissures can also result from constipation or from having anal sex. Hard & large bowel movement or pounding during sex can get anal fissures. While small fissures heal up on their own without any treatment, large fissures may require visiting a proctologist or undergoing surgical interventions.

Types of Anal Fissures

  •  Acute anal fissures last for less than six weeks.
  • Symptoms of chronic anal fissures last longer than six weeks.
  • There are no identifiable causes for primary anal fissures.
  • Secondary anal fissures have an identifiable cause.

Diagnosing Anal Fissures

Diagnosing anal fissures require the doctor to take a physical examination of the anal region.

  • Rectal Examination – This procedure involves inserting a small instrument or finger into the rectum. The specialist doctor will use anesthesia on the region prior to rectal examination.
  • Colonoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy – This involves a flexible viewing tube that is utilized for inspecting the rectum & anus. This diagnostic test is also prescribed when the doctor is looking out to rule out other more serious anal diseases.

Treatment of Anal Fissures

Small & medium anal fissures are treated with creams that dilate blood vessels alongside stimulating blood flow to the anal fissure. Talk to your healthcare provider if the anal fissure is not healing, but do not suffer in silence. Avoid conventional surgery as treatment for anal fissures because it is painful & requires a prolonged time for recovery which makes you undergo extreme discomfort. Go for the most advanced laser treatment for anal fissures.

Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures is the Best Option

Laser anal fissure treatment in Hyderabad is one of the best. Treatments provided by Laser Piles Clinic are US FDA approved & nonsurgical where surgical blades, scissors or suture materials are involved. There is no cutting of loss of blood & anal fissures do not recur with laser treatment. Only low pain is involved in the anal fissure operation & patient can walk out the same. While the laser treatment procedure is completed in 30 minutes, only 2 days of bed rest are required for recovery. Lady-doctors are also available for treatment of female anal fissure patients at the Laser Piles Clinic.

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