Anal fissures – When to see a doctor!

Anal fissures – When to see a doctor!

An anal fissure is a small oval-shaped tear on the thin, moist tissue that lines the anal opening. It’s a common condition that could occur to anyone regardless of gender or age. Fissures are generally accompanied by severe pain and bleeding during a bowel movement. The majority of the fissure condition can be cured with simple treatments or in some cases, home remedies. It might sound like s simple condition and if you’re thinking you need not consult a doctor, you’re wrong.

In order to help you make an informed decision, we would like to give you a brief on fissures.

Nip in the bud (Symptoms)

Like we’ve mentioned before, pain and bleeding are the most common symptoms of anal fissure. Most patients end up avoiding defecation in fear of pain and bleeding, leading to complications. The pain is not just while the bowel movement, but after it as well lasting from several minutes up to a few hours. These symptoms are not often seen between bowel movements. Watch out for itching and irritation around the anus as it could also be indications of fissures. It’s always a better idea to consult a doctor when you experience any of these symptoms so that you can nip it in the bud.

Pause the cause (Causes)

Understanding the causes will help you prevent anal fissures more effectively.

  • The primary cause is due to a trauma experienced by the inner lining of the anus
  • Dry bowel movement or prolonged diarrhea could cause anal fissures
  • Constipation leads to strain during bowel movement which could lead to fissures
  • Anal intercourse can also be a reason for fissures
  • The line of the anus could tear during pregnancy, causing anal fissures

There might be a few unavoidable causes, but it’s better to be on the alert when you encounter any of these causes. Match it with symptoms and consult a doctor for better and faster results.

That’s it! We’re going to the doctor (Complications)

Like any other health condition, anal fissure also has its own complications.

  • Some fissures are so stubborn that they just refuse to heal. If it takes over two months to heal, it’s a complication.
  • Once you’ve been in the clutches of anal fissure, you’re prone to having another one anytime.
  • The tear could sometimes extend to the surrounding muscles, making it tougher to heal causing a series of discomfort.

We strongly suggest a visit to the doctor if you experience any of these discomforts.

No more scary weapons (Treatment)

If you were to choose from two options; one which involves pain, blood loss, and hospitalization with high chances of recurrence and the other with minimal pain, no blood loss, and same-day walk out with no recurrence, which one would you choose?

The former is conventional surgery and the latter is advanced laser treatment. Laser treatment has made our lives much easier with it’s cutting edge technology. If you’re facing troubles due to fissures we recommend the much more feasible laser treatment over surgery.

The Experts are in town

Walk into any Laser Piles Clinic, Hyderabad to avail the best anal fissures treatment in the city. Our experts working with advanced laser treatment technology ensure you an easy and hassle-free treatment. Unlike the bloodshed and pain in the surgical treatment, we have a no-cut, no-bleed, and minimal-pain treatment with ‘same day walkout’. 30 minutes of laser treatment at Laser Piles Clinic is all you need to get completely rid of your anal fissures.

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