Are We Really Clean as We Think?

Are We Really Clean as We Think?

The colon is one of the most important, however the most commonly neglected organ in the human body. The health benefits of maintaining a healthy and clean colon (gut health) are innumerable. Even though there are plenty of home remedies, not everyone has the time and energy to do it with the busy work-home-work schedule. This is when the Colon Cleansing at Laser Piles comes to the rescue.

That being said, let’s look at the details of how & why colon cleansing is significant for every one of us and why Laser Piles is the expert in getting the deed done.

Few Interesting Colon Facts

Also known as the large intestine, a colon is almost 5 feet long with a diameter of 6 cm. The final stage of digestion is processed by the colon where it extracts water, vitamins, nutrients and more from the already digested food. In short, all the unwanted stuff from your body is transported to the colon for final processing before you make it to the lav.

Where there is good, there is bad!

Our digestive system has a lot of beneficial bacterias. As the name suggests, they are beneficial for our body and keeps us in good health. They improve our immune system, neutralize cancer-causing matters and helps in extracting best out of the food we eat. And then there are bad bacterias. 85% to 15% is the normal ‘good to bad’ bacteria ratio. These bad guys cause infections, make us sick, or can even make us rest in peace!

Drinking too much alcohol, smoking, lack of physical activity, too much stress, not enough sleep are certain factors that harm the good bacterias. It is exactly what you’re thinking – maintain a healthy lifestyle, or those bad bacterias will get you!

Why is Colon Cleansing so Important?

Cleaner the colon more the absorption of vital nutrients and vitamins for better functioning of the body. Regardless of a healthy diet, an unclean colon could lead to severe illness. Diarrhoea, constipation, acne, PCOD, psoriasis, wrinkles, severe headache, body odour, bad breath & abdominal gas to name a few.

A dirty colon could poison your body and is home for parasites that steal vital nutrients from your food. A dirty colon is the root cause of the majority of diseases we suffer from. That’s pretty much reason enough to pay more attention to colon health or even get it cleaned.

A Healthy Mind Stays in a Healthy Body

A healthy colon not only keeps your body healthy but also contributes a great deal to concentration, positive energy and peace of mind. Smooth bowel movement is one such factor. It’s indeed a difficult task to find a constipated, happy person (Clearly depicted in the movie ‘Piku’). Go for a colon cleansing (Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonic Irrigation) to flush out those stubborn, stinky, disease-causing accumulation of dirt. Stay healthy, stay disease-free.

Why Laser Piles?

Laser Piles is a speciality clinic in Hyderabad fully equipped with a dedicated team of doctors and advanced laser surgery equipment. Our cost-effectiveness makes us the most sought out clinic for colon related medical conditions. We understand what you’re going through and provide individual attention to every patient to deliver the best results.

At Laser Piles Colon Cleansing, an expert therapist explains the entire process and ensures the patient’s understanding prior to the treatment. The session is done on an empty stomach in a private and soothing environment. The water used for the process is controlled at 38℃ and is filtered in multistage filtration chambers. A two-inch viewing tube shows the cleansing progress. You’ll know you have a clean colon when you see clear water flowing out. Book your appointment today, or make a visit to the clinic to talk to our experts.

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