Don’t Ruin Your Summer Season with Piles / Hemorrhoids

Don’t Ruin Your Summer Season with Piles / Hemorrhoids

Follow these tips to avoid piles this summer. In fact, this is the time of the year when you worry about an assortment of allergies & ailments. Piles are one such impending ailment waiting to ruin your summer. Although there are many surgical & nonsurgical options like laser treatment for removing hemorrhoids, it is, however, better than we look at ways to avoid piles from destroying our peace & happiness this summer.

Causes of Piles in Hot Weather Conditions

Piles occur when tissues or blood vessels in rectum swell to cause pain, itching & irritation. The atmospheric temperature during the summer months as it is extremely high. Therefore you have to sit in a place for long periods of time. This might eventually irritate sensitive piles which may lead to discomfort & extremely painful hemorrhoids. Pregnancy, diarrhea, chronic constipation, straining while passing bowels or lifting heavy weights can be some of the major factors for causing piles. Sometimes, piles can also be a genetic condition that may present itself as one gets older.

Symptoms of Piles

  • Itching, soreness, pain & swelling with a painful lump caused within the anal cavity.
  • Feeling of full bowel throughout the day & discomfort while passing tools.
  • Presence of blood in the anal area or anal bleeding.
  • Unable to control stools.
  • Formation of an anal fistula.

Causes of hemorrhoids

When under pressure, the veins around the anus tend to stretch and may bulge and swell, which is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. This pressure could be due to strain during bowel movements, regular lifting of weights, pregnancy, obesity, continuously sitting for a long period of time, chronic condition of constipation or diarrhoea, and more. While some of these causes are unavoidable, it’s always better to watch out and control those causes that you can.

Use these Tips to Avoid Piles this Summer Season

Summer heat is inevitable. However, use these tips which can help you avoid having piles during this summer season.

  • Consume a Fibrous Diet – This is the basic advice to avoid piles. A regular dosage of soluble & insoluble fiber will keep your bowels smooth & running. Regular intake of legumes, beans, lentils, cucumber, leafy vegetables, whole grains, celery, tomatoes, grapes, berries & watermelon will keep your bowels soft & flowing & lessen the risk of constipation.
  • Drink Plenty of Water – One of the simplest & most underrated tip. You can prevent piles by drinking plenty of water. Keep yourself adequately hydrated. This will keep your body temperature in check. Eventually, it will also help in preventing constipation & decrease strain while passing stools.
  • Right Amount of Exercise – Including a regular dose of physical activity is very important in your regime. It will keep your colon healthy. Avoid lifting heavy weights & exerting too much pressure on the abdomen can help in the formation of hemorrhoids. It is advisable that you restrain from lifting heavy weights or indulge in straining exercises on the abdomen to avoid piles.
  • Judicial Usage of Laxatives – Ease a bit with the use of laxatives when you experience constipated bowel movement. Certain natural laxatives & fiber supplements help boost metabolism & prevent piles. Some laxatives also stimulate intestinal contractions & ease bowel movement. Never ever ease the urge of bowel movements for long periods of time.

Advanced Nonsurgical Treatment for Piles / Hemorrhoids

US FDA approved non-surgical piles treatment in Hyderabad is available at Laser Piles Clinics at affordable costs. It is a simple but advanced treatment which involves no cutting or blood loss. The entire operation is over in 2 to 3 hours of time & patients can go back home the same day. There is no need for bandaging as well. Most patients experience little pain & no recurrence after the operation. There are lady doctors as well at Laser Piles Clinic for treatment of female patients.

Take Away

Summertime can be very difficult for people who are prone to hemorrhoids. When a healthy lifestyle is coupled with a healthy diet, it can help you keep piles away. It is always best to avoid piles altogether, although there is a cure for this condition. Refrain from habits that trigger piles so you don’t have to experience all the discomfort & pain associated with it. Have a great summer this year & stay free of piles & hemorrhoids.

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