Colon Hydrotherapy at Laser Piles Clinic

How I Experienced My First Colon Hydrotherapy at Laser Piles Clinic

It was just last month when I heard the benefits of colon cleansing & underwent colon hydrotherapy for the first time in my life. I was interested in colon cleansing for a long but also heard incredible stories about the experience one goes through. But a close friend of mine convinced me & lo I collected strength & landed up at the nearest Laser Piles Clinic in Hyderabad.

Researched Online before taking the First Step

Research told me that colon cleansing is highly beneficial to health. What colon cleansing does is wash away the toxins building up inside the body over a course of time. Colon cleansing is a procedure that leaves your colon clean, fresh & non-toxic. I also learned that colon cleansing will also correct the irregularity of bowels & constipation. Other benefits of colon dehydration include curing diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, gases, hemorrhoids, colitis, diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, parasites & many other skin conditions.

Eager to Try Out Colon Cleansing

There are enough positive accounts to give a go-ahead for colon cleansing for the medical community. I was quite eager to experience other ways of cleansing after fasting helped me physically, emotionally & spiritually. I couldn’t resist & called up Laser Piles Clinic for an appointment. I was given basic instructions by the doctor there to avoid eating a couple of hours beforehand so that my digestive process would be resting. The beautiful & calming environment at Laser Piles Clinic genuinely impressed me. My colon hydrotherapist explained the procedure with help of videos & made me feel at ease. Finally, I was taken to the room where my colon cleansing would take place.

My Experience at Laser Piles Clinic

  • The colon hydrotherapist left the room after explaining the procedure.
  • I lay down on the comfortable chair/bed after undressing the waist-down.
  • After putting on gloves, lubed up.
  • Then I inserted the speculum.
  • Then I covered myself from the waist down with a towel.
  • After letting the doctor know, she came back into the room to turn on the water.

This in fact was pre-procedure. I was being prepared for the actual process. I was stressed with the doctor in the room, but when she left I was at ease again. A slow stream of water was now running inside & filling my colon. Like I was told I was holding as long as I can before releasing it. The process was repeated over a length of time. Far as I remember, it was somewhere between 30 to 40 minutes.

Colon Cleansing in Noninvasive & Relaxing

Although it is natural, it takes a while to get used to the colon cleansing process. I had never thought it would be so simple & easy. There was no pain except for a few moments when the stomach twisted. It was however mildly uncomfortable as a part of the procedure but eventually meant to eliminate toxins from the body. At the end of the colon cleansing therapy no clumps came out of me, but just plain water which is a sign that the process is over.

Recommending Colon Cleansing at Laser Piles Clinic

My colon cleansing process at Laser Piles Clinic in Hyderabad was calming & therapeutic. Although I was a bit worked out initially due to lack of activity, but soon I settled down. I am now looking forward to my next colon hydrotherapy session when I will let go of my expectation & simply relax. I would certainly recommend that you undergo colon cleansing at Laser Piles Clinic in Hyderabad. It is a worthwhile endeavor that is painless & therapeutic for both, the body & spirit. Another suggestion I have is to keep probiotics handy & definitely enjoy a large bowl of yogurt following your colon cleansing session.

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