5 Ways How to reduce the risk of Colon Cancer

5 Ways How to reduce the risk of Colon Cancer

There has been a continuous rise in colon cancer cases recently. So, it has become somewhat essential to know about colon cancer risk factors. Colorectal cancer affects the colon of the large intestine or the rectum. Many people are developing cancer at some point in life.

The best way to minimize the chances of developing colorectal cancer is to follow the recommendations of the health care provider for a regular screening schedule.

Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic is a leading center for treating colon cancer patients. We can help you with important pieces of advice and suggestions to reduce the chances of cancer.

It has become routine for people reaching the age of 45 years to undergo screening. But, it is also necessary for young adults to think about certain changes in lifestyle and diet to lower colon cancer risk factors. 

Risk factors for colorectal cancer

Just like most other cancers, medical researchers have not yet pinpointed any particular reason for the increasing rate of cancer. Unless you discuss the matter with our professionals, you may continue with some habits that can enhance the chances of developing colon cancer.

Unavoidable risk factors

Certain factors are natural. Therefore, it is not possible to put a check on these factors. But if you are aware, you can at least monitor the slightest uneasiness in the body and consult the doctor immediately.

The factors include

  • Genetic history of colon cancer
  • The added risk of colon cancer by age
  • Family history or individual history of polyps in the colon
  • Race (For instance, African Americans always have a higher risk of colon cancer)
  • Inflammatory conditions in the intestine, like Crohn’s disease or colitis.

We suggest keeping a watch on your health and reporting any problems promptly to the doctor.

Avoidable risk factors

And now, we will share the list of the colon cancer risk factors that you can avoid if you maintain proper habits and lifestyle.


If you are obese, you always have an increased risk of developing colon cancer, which can be fatal.


Smoking cigarettes regularly will increase the chances of colorectal cancer.

Unhealthy diet

The risk is higher if you are not consuming a proper diet. Low-fiber diets along with high-calorie intake can always damage the intestine.

Lack of exercise

Inactivity is often the cause of colon cancer. With regular exercise, you can control the risk factors.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Drinking beyond the limit is not good for health and certainly higher the risk of colon cancer development.

We, at Laser Piles Clinic, would like to remind you that the risk of colon cancer is higher if you have a family history of cancer. In such a case, you should be extra cautious about the above factors.

Reduce the risks

Our team of experts in cancer treatment can guide you to reduce the risk factors of developing cancer.

1. Undergo regular screening

Screenings are the tests that will diagnose the onset of cancer before the development of any signs or symptoms. These tests are helpful for the early detection of rectal or colon cancers.

  • We believe that starting an early treatment will proliferate the chances of success.
  • The doctors can schedule regular screenings right from the age of 45 for people who have average risk factors.
  • The screening tests can sometimes detect the presence of polyps or precancerous growth in the rectum or colon. Our able surgical team can get rid of these polyps even before they become a threat.

Talk to us now to start the screening early to stay fit and healthy for a long time.

2. Eat veggies and whole grains

Following a diet that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will actively decrease the risk of colon cancer. Also, you need to put a check on the consumption of red meat like pork, beef, or lamb as well as processed meats like hot dogs and certain luncheon meats. These can trigger the risk of colon cancer.

3. Exercise regularly

Physical activities are essential for reducing every type of health risk. And the same applies to colon cancer too. Fix a regular exercise plan, which should ideally include daily walking. We strongly suggest following a regular fitness regime.

4. Limit alcohol intake and stop smoking

As the experts at Laser Piles Clinic will say, you need to opt for a healthy lifestyle if you really want to stay fit and free from cancer. If you choose to drink, limit the consumption of alcohol to a moderate quantity.

This implies one drink for women and two drinks for men a day. And if you smoke, just quit the habit. The healthcare providers can explain the other benefits of quitting smoking if you plan to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

5. Get sufficient calcium and Vitamin D

Researchers have figured out that the presence of optimum calcium levels in the body can be a preventive factor for colon cancer. Regardless of whether there is a family history of cancer, you should ensure to get enough calcium from the food sources as well as from the supplements as the doctors prescribe.

Expose yourself to the sunlight early morning to allow the body to synthesize sufficient Vitamin D. As the body ages, the levels of Calcium and Vitamin D decrease. This leads to a higher risk of colon cancer with age. The doctors will suggest this factor whenever you visit to consult about screening tests.

Take care of self-health

Our doctors are always there to guide you through the treatment plans and the tests. But it is a universal truth that prevention will be a better choice than cure. Therefore, it is your responsibility too, to take good care of your health.

So, you need to minimize the risk of colon cancer by age as well as owing to other reasons. If changing a few habits and lifestyles, it is possible to prevent the development of cancer. Consult our clinic for further suggestions and medical advice.

At Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic, you can consult the top doctors to know more about the ways to minimize the risks of developing colon cancer. A few lifestyle changes along with dietary consultation can prevent the risks of cancer. Call us at 910 850 3674 to book a free consultation and undergo the tests.


What puts you at higher risk for colon cancer?

Lack of physical activities, a low-fibre diet and high-fat diet, obesity, and low intake of fruits and vegetables increase the chances of colon cancer.

What food is good for the colon?

To prevent colon cancer, you should include certain food in your diet. These include fish, white meat, nuts whole grains, beans, and legumes.

How can you strengthen the colon walls?

Eating a lot of beets, carrots, squash, corn, kale, and spinach will strengthen your colon walls. Food rich in fibre will cleanse your colon to remove harmful toxins.

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