Piles in Male versus Piles in Female

Piles in Male versus Piles in Female

Understanding the difference between piles in males and females is essential to determine the right treatment plan you need. Hemorrhoids or piles are mainly swollen veins in the anus and around the anal opening.

We believe that one of the common reasons for piles in females and males is unhealthy eating habits and constantly sitting for longer hours. In the modern population, there is an expected growth of piles among both genders, and it is because of their sedentary work lives.

Understanding the causes of piles among women:

You must know more about the causes of piles in females as that helps to start the treatment process super early and prevent the painful intervention big time. That’s when our center, Laser Piles Clinic, comes to the rescue.

  • There are different pieces of evidence to prove that one of the major causes of piles in females is pregnancy or childbirth.
  • During pregnancy, the protruding belly will put a lot of extra pressure on the blood vessels around the pelvic area and lower back portion of the body.
  • Moreover, when giving birth to your child, there is a lot of strain to push the infant out.
  • That produces extra pressure on the blood vessels around the pelvic and anal areas. That will lead to anal diseases, also known as piles.

These are some of the causes of piles in females, and proper measures need to be taken to prevent the issue from worsening. We will inform you about the doctors ready to help you find the right action.

Now to know what causes piles in men:

Once you have learned what causes piles in women, it is time to shift your focus and learn about the causes of piles in males. Piles in men are the result of various reasons.

  • Some might experience piles when they lift big weights at the gym. The veins in and around the pelvic and anal areas will swell during such instances. It is because of that consistent stress.
  • Men will spend a lot of time on the toilet seat, yet another reason for causes of piles in males.

Once you are sure of the causes, focusing on the proper treatment of piles in males and even females won’t be a tough nut to crack! Get the numbers of reputed doctors from Laser piles ready, as you never know when you might have to give them a call!

You will find the symptoms to be quite similar:

Most people think that the symptoms of piles in females are somewhat different from the symptoms of piles in males, which is far from the truth. These symptoms are pretty much evident in any nature or form.

Most people are unaware of these symptoms of piles in females or males, and they fail to identify that they have piles in the beginning. If left undetected for a more extended period, accumulations might lead to serious anal diseases, even resulting in cancer. Our doctors have listed some significant symptoms of piles in males and females that you need to venture into.

  • You can feel swelling due to the swollen lymph around the anal region.
  • Itchy skin is another one of the significant symptoms of piles in females and even in males.
  • You might notice some red blood spots in your stool, followed by unbearable pain while focusing on bowel movements.
  • Irritation and pain are the two other symptoms of piles in males and females that you need to address. These are the results of swollen veins, which are the main symptoms of piles.

The treatments are also pretty same:

While dealing with piles treatment in males and females, there might be some changes down the line. However, the basic remains the same. Depending on the current condition of the patients, our doctors from Laser piles will offer the best treatment of piles in females to consider.

In most instances, piles resolve independently, and you don’t need much treatment of piles in female packages. But, some treatment of piles in males will reduce the discomfort and itching that most people experience with piles.

Change in your life:

If you want to avoid piles in females, we will recommend some changes in your current lifestyle as the primary goal to consider. Piles will occur when you strain your bowel movements. Excessive straining is the result of ultimate constipation. Any change in diet plan can help keep the stools soft and regular.

  • It involves eating more fiber, like vegetables and fruits, or bran-based breakfast cereals.
  • To treat piles in males, our doctors will recommend improving water consumption.
  • Losing weight can further help reduce piles in females and their severity level.
  • To prevent piles, we also advise exercising and avoiding straining to pass your stools. It is one of the major causes of piles in males that you must avoid.
  • Exercising seems to be one of the primary therapies for piles. So, we will let you know about the proper exercise routines to follow regularly.

Such changes in your lifestyle will be an effective treatment of piles in males. Even women will get highly benefitted from these changes.

Post-pregnancy piles treatment:

Sometimes, piles will disappear automatically after pregnancy is over. The hormones get balanced, and the blood volume starts to improve. It helps in reducing pressure big time. Some women have to undergo laser surgery for quicker relief and faster recovery from the piles.

Getting the best treatment of piles in females is essential and catching up with the best team of experts for our side is a good call. Focus on the symptoms and whenever you are feeling pain in your anal region, call up our experts now.

Focus on Laser piles clinic when you plan to remove piles and treat them from the get-go. You can book the appointment online, free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can piles go away automatically?

In some cases, hemorrhoids will take some time to go away on their own. It is mostly seen during prolapsed hemorrhoids. But, it is always recommended to consult a doctor.

2. What causes piles to form?

Piles can develop with increased pressure in lower rectum area. It can be because of straining during bowel movements. Sitting on the toilet for a long time or having chronic constipation or diarrhea will lead to pile formations.

3. How long piles will lasts?

The time varies from one patient to another. Generally speaking, small piles can go away automatically within few days. Larger piles, mainly the ones with a lot of swelling, pain, and itchiness, can’t go away automatically and might need medical attention to heal.

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