What is the Best Treatment for External Piles

What is the Best Treatment for External Piles

Hemorrhoids that are affecting the veins outside anus are called external piles. External piles also result in common symptoms such as bleeding and itching. Normally, you can feel the hemorrhoid/piles by touching the area around the anus. Most of the external hemorrhoids can be treated with home remedies.

Before we get into the details of external piles treatment, it’s very important to understand the causes and risk factors. This will help you control piles from further developing into serious complications.

Know these before you go for external hemorrhoid treatment

Repeated straining while having bowel movements is the major cause of external hemorrhoids, and the main reason for this strain is constipation. Some of the other risk factors are:

  • Fibre deficiency in the diet
  • Sitting/standing for an extended period
  • Strain due to the lifting of heavy objects/weights in general
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy, etc.

Symptoms help understand the best treatment for external piles

Recognising the symptoms will help you deal with your illness more effectively. Hemorrhoids can have a range of symptoms. It’s crucial to know the symptoms as it will help you identify the severity of hemorrhoids. Some of the most commonly seen symptoms are as follows:

  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Bleeding during bowel movements
  • Lumps around the anus, watch out for blood on the tissue paper

Being conscious of your lifestyle is the key to get your hemorrhoids under control.

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Surgical or non-surgical – Which one to choose?

If you’ve been on the search for a treatment for external piles, you might have already noticed that there are two types of treatments available – Surgical and Non-Surgical.

Before the intervention of advanced technology in medical science, surgery was the only option available for the treatment of external hemorrhoids. The severity and risk of complication involved are much higher based on the grade of your condition.

The most feared risk involved in surgical treatment is damage to the sphincter muscles. This is extremely risky as the person could lose control over their bowel movement if the sphincter muscle is damaged.

Days of hospitalisation is another reason why people avoid surgical treatment for hemorrhoids. Even after everything you go through, the chances of recurrence are still high in surgical treatment for piles.

Non-surgical laser treatment, on the other hand, is a much faster and more effective alternative to the conventional surgical method. Laser technology is a remarkable boon to medical science.

Laser treatment is a daycare procedure where you can walk in and walk out of the clinic on the same day of treatment. It is a bloodless hemorrhoid removal procedure with no hospitalisation required.

The chances of recurrence after a laser treatment is extremely low, making it more effective and reliable.

Laser treatment is the best option for external piles treatment without surgery. Nevertheless, your doctor might suggest surgery depending on the severity of your condition.

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