advantages of laser surgery for piles

Advantages of Laser Surgery for Piles

Laser surgery! If you are doing your research on solutions for hemorrhoids or piles, you must have come across the term ‘laser surgery’ or ‘laser treatment’ quite often. It is one of the most advanced laser treatments for piles available out there; A painless and incision-free alternative for conventional surgical treatment methods.

The process is quite simple. A beam of light is used to either cut or vaporise the hemorrhoid/piles.

Let’s look at some of the major advantages of laser surgery for piles.

Advantage no.1 – Painless

The severity of pain is one of the reasons that makes piles/hemorrhoids a very scary disease. When a person is already in so much pain, it seems scarier to undergo a surgery that is even more painful.

Here’s where laser treatment comes to the rescue. One of the best advantages of piles laser surgery is that it is almost completely painless. Often our patients who undergo laser treatment for piles don’t even feel a thing. It’s a great relief, isn’t it?

If you are looking for a way out of piles, you must be feeling massively relieved knowing that the laser treatment for piles is painless. In that case, the next advantage will make you go for it.

Advantage no.2: No cuts, no blood!

Yes, you read that right, ‘no cuts’! During the laser treatment procedure for piles, the doctor uses a beam of laser to cut the larger hemorrhoids and vaporize the smaller ones. Surgery with no bloodshed! How cool is that?

This way, the laser treatment for hemorrhoids is much more effective compared to conventional surgery, where the hemorrhoids are manually cut by the doctor.

If still haven’t felt confident about going for piles treatment with laser surgery, read the next advantage.

Advantage no.3: Go home immediately after the surgery

If you think there is hospitalisation involved after laser surgery for piles, you are wrong! You can just walk out of the clinic immediately after the surgery and get back to your normal routines within a week. Don’t forget to pay for your surgery though. 🙂

The doctor might suggest you be careful and not lift heavy objects for a few days after the surgery, which is quite obvious and normal. If you look at the collective advantages of laser surgery, you’ll happy about a lot of other things than worrying about being careful for a few days.

Advantage no.4: Minimal tissue damage

Less tissue damage during a surgery translates to more less pain, speedy recovery and fewer/no complications.

Tissue damage is a danger lurking in the shadows of conventional surgery for piles, even more dangerous, sphincter muscle damage (which leads to losing bowel control). This makes laser treatment the ideal way out of piles as it precisely removes more hemorrhoids with minimal tissue damage.

Advantage no.5: No recurrence! Gone, once and for all

If you undergo laser surgery for piles, you could be free from hemorrhoids for the rest of your life. Less than 1% out of 100 patients who underwent laser surgery reported recurrence.

This is definitely is not the last advantage of laser treatment, but it could be the one to seal the deal for you.

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