Can Anal Hemorrhoids Lead You to Rectal Cancer

The good news is, No! Anal hemorrhoids do not lead you to rectal cancer. However, the primary indication for several people suffering from hemorrhoids is blood on toilet paper, blood in stool & in the toilet bowl following a bowel movement. Nevertheless, do not write off these symptoms of Anal hemorrhoids without consulting a gastroenterologist specializing in the study & treatment of the digestive tract including colon, rectum & anus.

Can Anal Hemorrhoids Lead You to Rectal Cancer

Physical Ailments Resulting in Rectal Bleeding

Basically a small tear in the skin around the anus, which typically forms from the passage of hard & large stools.

  • A condition is known as Angiodysplasia, where swollen & fragile blood vessels develop within the gastrointestinal tract start bleeding.
  • Polyps within the gastrointestinal tract can become cancerous & result in bleeding in the stool.
  • Inflammation of the colon due to colitis will eventually lead to swelling & bleeding. Both infections & inflammatory bowel disease can be the cause of inflammation.
  • Small benign pouches that develop within the walls of the colon are known as Diverticular disease. Occasionally these may get inflamed & bleed.
  • Varicose veins may form in the esophagus & cause bleeding.
  • Ulcers in the stomach or duodenum are known as peptic ulcers. This condition can become severe due to infection or due to overuse of anti-inflammatory medications & start bleeding.
  • Bleeding hemorrhoids.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Sometimes, hemorrhoids are also referred to as piles. These are inflamed & swollen blood vessels on the surface of the anus and/or rectum. Piles or hemorrhoids are one of the most common ailments among adults. Almost 50% of the population is found to have hemorrhoids by the time they have aged 50 years. However, most people do not experience the discomfort of hemorrhoids until they are 30 years of age. Hemorrhoids, however, do not discriminate & are commonly found amongst all races, genders & populations across the globe. It is heartening to know that treatment options including nonsurgical sure-shot laser treatments have made significant progress in recent years. Advanced laser treatments for hemorrhoids, in fact, are less invasive & require less downtime for recovery following an operation.

Taking Care of Hemorrhoids

You should not be embarrassed to consult a doctor if you suspect you have hemorrhoids. They are more common than thought & naturally occur in the human body. However, self-diagnosis & assumptions should be avoided & consultation with a specialist gastroenterologist should be preferred. It will provide a more definitive answer to the problem & will help you in proceeding with treatment.

Do Not Hesitate to Consult a Specialist

When you are finally ready to determine if your hemorrhoids are behind your rectal bleeding or have reached the point of unbearable pain, do not hesitate, go for the best & the most advanced laser treatment. You could also choose a dedicated specialty clinic having many years of dealing with the diagnosing & treatment of hemorrhoids.

Best Foods for Hemorrhoids

Keep yourself hydrated and intake more fibre. Make friends with the legume family. Ensure more intake of beans as they’re in rich in fibre. Oatmeal would be a great addition to your breakfast because it has twice the fibre and half the amount of calories. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of fibre. Apple, plum, potatoes, broccoli, sprouts, green peas and leafy vegetables are good sources of fibre and are some of the best foods for hemorrhoids. Along with all these keep yourself hydrated every now and then

Advanced FDA Approved Laser Treatment for Hemorrhoids

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