Question & Answer Concerning Chronic Anal Fissures

Question & Answer Concerning Chronic Anal Fissures

Hi there

I am about 39-year-old male who has never had any health issues in the past. But then for the last two years, something is going on with my anus. Due to my anxiety with health, I have not consulted any doctor yet. I would appreciate if you could inform me what my symptoms are like.

Question & Answer Concerning Chronic Anal Fissures

It was late last year when I first noticed one drop of red blood in the toilet after a bowel movement. Everything was fine after that until April this year when I started experiencing pain inside my anus after every bowel movement. This is delayed pain which begins an hour after bowel movement & lasts for a few hours. Again in May this year, there were a few drops of fresh blood in the toilet.

I have also been noticing some white mucus attached to my stool when it first comes out. This mucous with every bowel movement now is what is worrying me most. My delayed anal pain following bowel movement is also continuing. Few hours of anal pain every day is quite troublesome. There were also a few times when I noticed small amounts of red blood on the stool surface.

Since last month anal pain is less intensive & not delayed, but it starts right after bowel movement & lasts for an hour or more. Some days there is no pain at all but at other times discomfort is pretty bad. Since I am obsessed with this condition, I make it a point to examine my stools with a torch. This is when I noticed tiny streaks of blood & mucus on my stools. All this now makes me think that there is some serious illness I am suffering from.

When I checked my anus with help of a mirror I found that the opening looks red & inflamed although I could not see any cuts or wounds. However, I do not feel ill or have a fever or diarrhea. I have 2 bowel movements in a day. Just a bit underweight but have been like this for the last few years. I also eat well & occasionally exercise. However, my job demands that I sit for long periods of time.

Can you kindly evaluate my symptoms & let me know if I am having hemorrhoids or anal fissures or if there is some serious illness I am suffering from.

I will be very thankful if you do.

Sekhar Reddy

Dear Sekhar,

Your symptoms sound more like anal fissures in terms of pain that you have described but of course you will have to visit the nearest Laser Piles Clinic in Hyderabad for proper diagnosis. In case it is a chronic anal fissure it will not heal with any type of medical intervention like creams or Botox injections. You can, however, undergo laser treatment which is nonsurgical. This is an outpatient procedure which will be completed in a couple of hours of time. In the meantime for comfort, you can take sitz baths with some witch hazel & coconut oil mixed into warm water after a bowel movement. Watch your diet & ensure that you do not suffer from diarrhea or constipation. Nevertheless, make it a point to visit the nearest Laser Piles Clinic at the earliest.

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