Fistula Treatment without surgery

Can Fistula be treated without surgery?

Can Fistula be treated without surgery The technically simple answer to this would be ‘yes’ but then again, it depends on various factors. Surgery is the most common treatment for fistula as it’s not healed on its own for most people… Treatment of fistula has many different procedures. The best procedure for you will depend on a few factors such as:

  • Position of the fistula
  • If it is a single channel fistula
  • If it has branches in different directions

The best fistula treatment suitable for you is determined by the doctor after a thorough examination of the affected area.

Doctors tend to avoid surgery for fistula due to the risk involved in it. The risk is that during the process of surgery, there are chances that the sphincter muscles could get damaged resulting in the loss of bowel control. Yes. it is quite scary!

But there are indeed a few options out there that include minimal/no cutting of anal sphincters.

Listed below are a few options that have a significantly lesser risk of damaging the sphincter muscle (bowel incontinence), which also means, there is no/minimal incision involved.


Laser treatment is the ideal option if you are looking to get your fistula cured without surgery.

In a nutshell, a small laser beam is used to seal the fistula. Laser treatment for fistulas is one of the most technologically advanced treatments for fistula that involves no health risks. It’s a super-fast treatment where the patient doesn’t have to be hospitalised.

Endoscopic Ablation Technique

Endoscopic ablation is a great way of treating fistula without surgery

An endoscope, a tube with a camera on the end, is inserted into the fistula. The fistula is then sealed with the help of an electrode that passes through the endoscope.

The procedure of endoscopic ablation is quite an effective method that possess no risk to your safety and bowel incontinence.

Seton Procedure

Your surgeon may recommend inserting a seton as an initial step to fistula treatment without surgery.

This procedure is used if your fistula is passing through a significant portion of the anal sphincter muscle. Seton is a piece of surgical thread left in the fistula to keep it open for several weeks.

This method helps to drain and heal the fistula while eliminating the need to cut through sphincter muscles. A loose seton will drain the fistula but not cure it. In order to cure fistula, the surgeons use tighter setons that slowly cut through the fistula.

The whole process might include several procedures, the details of which, your surgeon will be able to explain best. Your surgeon might also suggest a different method depending on his/her observations of your fistula.

The Advancement Flap Technique

Surgeons consider this method if the fistula is passing through the anal sphincter muscle. The procedure cuts and scraps out the fistula. The hole where it enters the bowel is later covered with tissue flap. The tissue flap used to cover the hole is taken from the internal parts of the rectum.

We understand that this technique involves fistula surgery, but it doesn’t involve cutting of anal sphincter muscles. Therefore, this method has no risk of bowel incontinence compared to fistulotomy.

Advanced Laser Treatment for Fistula

As the name suggests, Laser Piles Clinic offers some of the most advanced laser treatments for fistula, piles, fissures, etc. This treatment, as mentioned above, involves no/minimal risks that involve no hospitalisation.

The laser treatment for fistula at Laser Piles is fast and almost painless in contrast to some of the commonly observed painful surgical treatments. We recommend booking an appointment so that you could talk to one of our expert doctors about the treatment of fistula without surgery.

Book today and end the suffering of painful fistulas.

Laser Piles can bring back comfort to you.

Please drop in your valuable comments and thoughts in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. our expert doctors about the treatment of fistula without surgery.

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