Prevention and Treatment for Piles

Prevention and Treatment for Piles

At your disposal, you’ve plenty of options for the treatment for piles. However, if you are suffering from the condition of piles, you are most likely to advise your friends and family to take preventive measures to avoid this painful condition. To help you with this, we, Laser Piles Clinic has some very handy preventive measures that you could share with the ones you care.

In the first part of this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most practical preventive measures and in the second part, we’ll look at some of the best treatment options available for hemorrhoids.

Following are a few lifestyle changes you could adapt as preventive measures against piles/hemorrhoids.

Poo When You Need To

Why wait for piles treatment when you can prevent it

We know that it’s not something that we need to tell you. It’s more of common sense that you should go to the toilet whenever you feel like taking a dump. Unfortunately, many people ignore this and the delay in the excretion process. Doing this will only do harm to your body. Delaying excretion will result in dry and hard stool in your bowel which makes it harder for you to pass stool later. The more you strain to pass your stool, the higher your risk of developing hemorrhoids.

It is also important that you don’t force it when you don’t need to. When you strain, it puts pressure on venous cushions leading to hemorrhoids. The more you strain, there is a chance of your internal hemorrhoids turning into external.

In short, go when you have to and don’t force it when you don’t have to.

A Toilet isn’t the Right Place to Relax

Your time in the toilet is a necessity. It was and never will be a destination to sit back and relax. The point is, spend less time in the toilet. Finish what you went for and get out.

Reading, browsing social media, playing mobile game, etc will make you spend way more time than you actually should be, in the toilet. The more time you spend in the toilet, the more you strain for your bowel movement. Also, you might be unnecessarily straining your bowel movement and putting a lot of pressure on your anal blood vessels if you’re in sitting position for long in the toilet. This is one of the high-risk factors of hemorrhoids.

What You Eat Matters

Maintaining a smart diet will help you reach the right consistency of stool. Maintaining soft and easy to pass stool is a great way to prevent hemorrhoids. The right consistency can be achieved by a smart diet and by drinking plenty of water.

Often, constipation happens due to the lack of fiber in your diet. Green vegetables, fruits and whole grains are great sources of fiber. Fiber will help in avoiding constipation and thereby reducing the risk of hemorrhoids.

Drink plenty of water, whenever and as much as you can. Even if you intake enough fiber, lack of water will make your stool harder and difficult to pass.

More importantly, listen to your body and avoid any foods that irritate your bowel. For example, too much of spicy food can cause serious burning sensation and irritation in bowel for most people.

Exercise can do Wonders

Adding regular moderate exercise to your routine will help you:

  • Improve digestive health
  • Smooth bowel movement
  • Keep you healthy
  • Keeps hemorrhoids away

Regular exercise will help in the momentum of wastes through the intestinal tract. This way, you can avoid constipation as your stool won’t be dry and hard inside.

If you already have the condition of hemorrhoids, we recommend you to avoid lifting heavy weights, squats and movements of the like that could increase your abdominal pressure.

While you share this with your friends and family do share with us in the comment box below of your thoughts and suggestions on this.

If you are suffering from piles and need quick and painless treatment, book an appointment at Laser Piles Clinic. We offer one of the most advanced, fast and reliable laser piles treatment in Hyderabad that involves no/minimal pain.

There are multiple treatment options available for piles in Hyderabad.

Diagnosis Helps to Figure Out the Best Treatment

Before deciding on the treatment for piles, the doctor runs a diagnosis. The result of this diagnosis will help the doctor to choose the treatment that best suits your condition.

The doctor usually does a physical examination combined with a few questions regarding the colour of stool, history of piles in the family, excretion of blood or mucus, irregularity in bowel movement, etc. The doctor may also perform a digital diagnosis to identify internal piles.

Your physician may also recommend a colonoscopy if there are symptoms of other diseases related to the digestive system.

Unless complicated, many of the cases with piles get resolved on their own. However, getting an expert opinion is always a safer way of going about it to avoid complications.

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

Like we have mentioned earlier in this blog, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercises will help your body cure initial stages of piles without having to take any medications.

If your doctor recommends any lifestyle changes, you just make sure to follow it. Controlling your body weight is also a factor. The severity of piles can be greatly reduced if you manage to control your body weight.


Curing piles only with medication will work, only for the initial stages. Your physician might prescribe laxatives if you also have constipation along with the condition of piles. These medications will help soften the stool for a smooth bowel movement. Lesser the pressure during a bowel movement, faster the recovery.

Surgery Options


Banding is most effective for treatment of all hemorrhoids with a status less than grade IV.

In this method, the doctor places an elastic band at the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. The hemorrhoids falls off after a few days.


Sclerotherapy is used as an alternative to banding.

In this method, medicine is injected in the hemorrhoids to make it shrink eventually. This is an effective method for grade II and grade III hemorrhoids.

Infrared Coagulation

In this method, a device is used to burn the hemorrhoids tissue.

This method is also known as infrared light coagulation and is preferred for grade I and grade II hemorrhoids.


This method of surgery is used to completely remove hemorrhoids. The process is to surgically remove the excess tissue that causes bleeding.

This method involves sedation and also possess the risk of complications such as difficulty in passing stool and UTI. 

Hemorrhoid Stapling

This method is less painful than hemorrhoidectomy but it involves higher risk of recurrence and rectal prolapse (part of the rectum pushes out of the anus).

Though piles can be extremely painful and debilitating, they do not possess any threat to your health and is self-manageable upto grades III and IV. It could become serious only if complications like fistula develops.

Laser Treatment for Piles in Hyderabad

With new branches in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, Laser Piles Clinic offers the most advanced treatment for piles, fissures and fistula in Hyderabad. As the name suggests, our treatment involves the use of the most technologically advanced ‘Laser equipments’.

Laser treatments for piles offered at Laser Piles involves minimal pain and hospital time. For even some of the severe conditions of hemorrhoids, you get to walk out the same day of treatment at Laser Piles and resume your day-to-day life in peace.

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