Anal Abscess Develop Anal Fistula

Half the Patients with Anal Abscess Develop Anal Fistula

If you are suffering from an anal abscess and are scared that it may lead to some other type of complication, you are right. It would therefore be sensible that you treat the abscess in time, lest it may develop into an anal fistula.

Anal abscess is generally defined as an infected cavity which is filled with pus and found near the rectum or anus. Anal abscess is commonly caused by viral agents & bacteria accumulated due to clogging or possible contamination with fecal matter.

Signs & Symptoms of Anal Abscess

People suffering from anal abscess usually experience swelling, ano-rectal pain & perianal cellulitis which is associated with redness of skin & fever. However, urinary symptoms like hesitancy & difficulty in initiating stream & bleeding are rarely possible.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Anal Abscess

Anal abscess is typically diagnosed through a complete clinical examination. This involves analyzing signs & symptoms and undergoing a physical examination. It will be treated with incision & drainage to be followed by administration of antibiotics. It is possible that improperly incised abscesses may result in fissure formation. Eventually, this can complicate the condition and worsen pain during bowel movement. Conventionally, 2D & 3D endoanal ultrasound scan is considered to be an effective method for diagnosing perirectal abscesses.

What are Anal Fistulas?

Anal fistula is also known as fistula-in-ano. It typically develops as a complication of current or previous anal abscesses due to connection of the infected anal gland to external skin. Almost half of the patients with anal abscesses are found to develop anal fistula as a result. However, anal fistula can also occur without any such prior conditions.

Signs & Symptoms of Anal Fistula

Most often, people affected by anal fistula will have a history of previously drained anal abscesses. These anal abscesses are also associated with symptoms like irritation of perianal skin, drainage from perianal skin, anorectal pain & occasional rectal bleeding. Revealing the horseshoe extension of the abscess usually confirms presence of anal fistula. A CT scan will further delineate the path of the fistula tract.

Treatment Options for Anal Fistula

Presently, effective medical treatments for anal fistula are unavailable. However, surgery until now had been the gold standard intervention for anal fistula prior to arrival of laser treatment.

  • Fistulotomy – This procedure is usually performed when anal fistula is straightforward & involves minimal degree of sphincter muscle. Fistulotomy operation involves unroofing of the fistula tract. This is meant to connect the internal opening within anal canal to the external opening. Eventually, this will create a groove in order to improve the process of healing from inside out. Dissection & removal of the entire fistula tract is most effective & involves less chances of recurrence. However, this needs to be done very carefully because there are chances that the patient may end up having fecal incontinence resulting from damage to the anal sphincter muscle being divided during the course of surgery.
  • Laser Treatment – This is the latest addition to treatment for anal fistula. Laser treatment for anal fistula is a novel anal sphincter-saving method which is performed using laser diode. It is a safe, effective & minimally invasive procedure. Primary closure of the anal fistula tract is achieved by a radial fiber connected to the diode releasing laser energy. This effectively results in shrinking of the surrounding tissue & thereby closing the anal fistula tract.

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