Cost for Piles Laser Treatment and Laser Surgery

How Much Does It Cost for Piles Laser Treatment and Laser Surgery for Piles

It might be very embarrassing to talk about piles but it’s very common and one should definitely come out of it and opt for treatment. There are plenty of home remedies to try if you are not sure of visiting a clinic yet but only if your condition isn’t severe. However, if you’ve finally decided to visit a clinic or hospital, it’s important to understand a little about its treatment. How do doctors diagnose piles, what are the various types of treatments available, and what is the cost? If you already know the best treatment procedure available and wondering how much laser hemorrhoid surgery costs, then you are at the right place. You can find all the details related to piles of laser operation. Cost can vary based on many factors. Scroll to know more.


There are various types of piles or hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be seen but not internal hemorrhoids. To diagnose them, an examination of the rectum and anal canal is essential. Examinations are of 2 types.

1.Physical Examination

The doctor wears a glove and lubricates his/her finger before inserting it into the rectum to feel the unusual growth or swollen part of the rectum. Mostly, by this alone, the doctor can tell but they conclude it after a thorough visual inspection.

2.Visual Inspection

Internal hemorrhoids are too soft to touch and can be felt during digital examination. Then the doctor examines the lower portion of the colon and your rectum using an anoscope, sigmoidoscope, or proctoscope. Doctors may also examine your entire colon with colonoscopy based on various factors.

  • Any other digestive system disease based on signs and symptoms
  • The risk of colorectal cancer is there
  • Middle-aged and never had a recent colonoscopy

Different Types of Piles Treatment

Home Remedies for Piles

For every problem there is a home remedy and so is for piles if it’s not severe. You can definitely opt for a few of many home remedies. Here are a few in short.

  1. Eat fiber-rich foods
  2. Use topical treatments.
  3. Soak yourself in a warm bath or sitz bath.
  4. Have a healthy diet.

Piles Medications

If yours isn’t severe yet, your doctor may suggest medication instead of surgery. OTC (Over counter) creams, ointments, pads or suppositories, etc. can be used as they contain a few goods and soothing ingredients like witch hazel, lidocaine, and hydrocortisone. These temporarily relieve pain and itching. OTC steroid creams must not be used for more than a week as they can thinning agents. They can thin your skin over time.

External Hemorrhoid Thrombectomy for Piles

A painful blood clot or thrombosis when formed on the outside of the anus, a doctor can remove it providing immediate relief. In this procedure, local anesthesia is given; and if it’s done within 72 hours of developing a blood clot, it is much more effective and easy to tolerate the pain.

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Piles

If there is painful hemorrhoid or persistent bleeding takes place, your doctor may recommend minimally invasive procedures. This doesn’t require any anesthesia and can be easily done in your doctor’s office or an outpatient setting. Here are 2 such procedures.

1.Rubber Band Ligation

Around the base of internal hemorrhoid which needs to be cut off, the doctor places one or two rubber bands. It withers and naturally falls off in a few days. This definitely is uncomfortable and causes some bleeding for a few days after the procedure but that becomes severe very rarely. Complications are rare.

2.Injection or Sclerotherapy

You will be injected with a chemical solution into hemorrhoid to let it shrink. It causes very little pain but is less effective than the previous method.

3.Coagulation Method (IR, Laser or Bipolar) or Laser Treatment

Infrared or IR, heat or laser is used in this method and they cause the hemorrhoids which are usually soft to harden and shrivel. This method has a few side effects and maybe a little uncomfortable. There are plenty of benefits of this procedure and so, it’s gaining popularity.

  • Very less pain compared to other procedures.
  • Hospitalization isn’t needed.
  • It’s safer compared to others.
  • Very less bleeding occurs in this procedure.
  • Complications are minimal.
  • Surgeons have plenty of options to use the beam appropriately. Thus, the success rate is high.
  • The task is less complicated and less risky.
  • Heals quickly.
  • General anesthesia isn’t needed. Hence, recovery is faster.

Surgical Procedures

Very few people suffering from piles need surgery. However, a doctor always tries the previous methods first and if they don’t work, then s/he might recommend surgery. This is usually recommended if the patient has large hemorrhoids.

1.Hemorrhoid Removal or Hemorrhoidectomy

The hemorrhoids that cause bleeding are usually removed. Local anesthesia is combined with sedation, general anesthesia, or spinal anesthesia. Severe and recurrent hemorrhoids can be treated with hemorrhoidectomy. Temporary difficulty in urinating leading to UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) is a complication that usually happens after spinal anesthesia. The pain that is experienced post-surgery can be taken care of with medications. Soaking in a warm bath or sitz bath is another remedy to relieve the pain.

2.Hemorrhoid Stapling or Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy

This procedure blocks the blood flow to the hemorrhoids. This method is used for internal hemorrhoids. This causes less pain than the above procedure and heals quickly. However, this has a greater risk of rectal prolapse and recurrence. Rectal prolapse means the rectum protrudes from the anus. Bleeding, pain, and urinary retention are complications involved in this procedure. Sometimes, life-threatening blood infections or sepsis may happen.

Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

Piles treatment cost in Hyderabad would be anywhere between INR 25,000 to 1.5 lakhs based on the severity of the patient’s condition and ward you choose. It may vary from hospital to hospital. Factors affecting the cost.

  • Type of piles
  • Degree of piles
  • Condition of the patient
  • Ward chosen like general, twin shared, single room, etc.
  • Hospital
  • The expertise of the doctor
  • Post-surgical complications
  • Age of the patient
  • Type of surgery

If you choose to opt for surgery and stay in a general ward for as less as possible and your condition isn’t as severe, piles laser surgery cost can be as less as INR 25000/- only. If you choose to stay in a single A/C room, there’s no doubt it’ll be heavy on your pocket.

Laser piles treatment cost is very reasonable. With wide options available at Laser Piles Clinic, you can reach us now to know more.

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