How to Choose the Right Piles Surgeon?

How to Choose the Right Piles Surgeon?

Table of Contents

  1. Dietician/Nutritionist
  2. Ayurvedic Expert/Doctor
  3. General Practitioner/ Family Practice
  4. Proctologist or A Colorectal Surgeon
  5. Open surgery
  6. Laser surgery

The foremost query that remains in your thinking after experiencing the hassle and discomforts due to piles is – How to pick the right piles surgeon?

Sometimes the determined times might force you to take the wrong way. These incorrect measures are a direct result of haste and panic that can alter your selection for a lifetime. So, in this blog, we will talk about the sorts of surgical procedures that a gastroenterologist or a proctologist will advocate for you after examining the gravity of your piles status.

Now, this choice will prominently revolve around the types of piles you are suffering from. It can be internal, external, prolapsed, or Thrombosed hemorrhoids.

So a very frequent dilemma that you might face with the hassle of piles is whom to visit? Who is entitled to treat it? Whom should you take advice from? All these questions will naturally surface your thinking and you may then take the assistance of the net to get the data about the best piles surgeon around the region or so.

Here is a list of the doctors you can go to when you want piles treatment


In the preliminary stage of piles or with the signs and symptoms that exhibit up in the very first place, you can usually resort to treating them through acceptable weight loss programs and intakes that play a very important function in disposing of the symptoms and discomfort. You will have to observe a strict non-spicy diet, eat non-veg and drink ample fluids till urged by your dietician.

As we are aware of, the most common reason for piles is constipation. So, your dietician can advocate quite a number of high fiber diets and liquids that can help you fight constipation. This will rely upon the stage of piles. If you only sense some signs or you are just at the budding stage, you can continually wait for the miracle with your dietary habits.

Ayurvedic expert/doctor

You will be astonished to see what Ayurveda is efficient of. There are various drug treatments and herbs that can virtually root out the symptoms and piles completely. For that, you need to enquire about the on hand ayurvedic physicians close to you. You can additionally ask your family, friends or others who have already taken such ayurvedic drugs or treatments and you can understand what was their rating on the comfort scale.

Thereafter, you can pick the medical option to matter on. Ayurveda majorly includes Bhaishajya Chikitsa or medication, Kshara or herbal application, Shastra Chikitsa or surgical intervention and many more.

General practitioner/ family practice

A general practitioner or a familiar physician will advocate you with some topical lotions or suppositories to be inserted up the anus after every bowel movement. This helps in treating the itchiness and pain that is prompted due to hard stool or possibly due to cuts and wounds in the anus internally. If they are taken care of, the pain may also subside with everyday utilization of some creams and some drug treatments that your doctor can endorse you to take with a suitable routine, course and dosage.

Proctologist or a colorectal surgeon

You can discover a good surgeon who will treat and function on you until you get well. If you do some lookup and get the quality health care professional you can be rest assured that they will be after you very nicely and you will be quickly rid of that ache and discomfort being in the right hands.

So as per the type of hemorrhoids you are struggling from, you will be suggested the surgical procedure you need to resort to. There are essentially two types of hemorrhoid surgeries that work that are majorly carried out worldwide.

Open surgery

This can be explained as that standard surgical treatment that includes cuts and stitches. Local anesthesia is utilized to the anal place and the surgeon meticulously reduce the bulge and stitches it back. It involves bleeding and an appropriate amount of bed rest. It is a complex technique and a painful one too.

Laser surgery

This is an advanced technique. You can be broad awake throughout the process and it includes directing the laser power to the affected area. This technique is favored presently as it doesn’t contain lengthy clinic stays and mattress rest. It additionally helps in preventing recurrence and infection.

People suffering from piles should immediately consult experienced piles surgeons to understand the condition and know what treatment would be best for them.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from piles, get immediately in touch with us at Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic. We will help you schedule an appointment today, Call us: 910 850 3674.

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