What Are The Different Types Of Colon Surgeries?

What Are The Different Types Of Colon Surgeries?

Table of Contents

  1. Why is a colon surgical procedure needed?
  2. Types of the colon and rectal surgeries
  3. Colectomy
  4. There are four types of colectomy
  5. Colostomy
  6. Endoscopic Surgery

Colorectal cancer is regarded to be the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the world. Ulcerative colitis (UC) is another disorder that has now grown to be frequent amongst middle-aged and older persons. This is a kind of inflammatory bowel sickness that causes irritation and swelling of the colon or large intestine. To cure these diseases, medical doctors suggest a number of surgeries.

Why is a colon surgical procedure needed?

Large intestine surgical operation or colon surgery is encouraged by doctors in any of the cases mentioned below-

Excessive bleeding from the large intestine cannot be managed and wishes surgical procedure on an instant basis so the affected port can be removed.

Bowel obstruction caused by using a blocked colon is an emergency that may also require a partial or complete colectomy.

As mentioned above, on occasion, in the early levels of colon cancer, a small section wants to be removed during colectomy.

In instances where a medicinal drug is unable to cure Chron’s disease, colectomy is carried out to supply everlasting relief.

Suppose the affected person is at a very excessive threat of colon cancer due to the formation of multiple precancerous colon polyps. In that case, one may additionally pick to choose for a colectomy.

Types of the colon and rectal surgeries

Depending on the severity of the disorder and your bodily health, the doctor can endorse any of the following surgeries.


Colectomy or large bowel resection is many times recognised as large intestine surgery. This is a surgical treatment in which a section of the total colon or large intestine is removed.

There are four types of colectomy

  • Partial or subtotal colectomy in which phase of the colon is removed.
  • In total colectomy, the whole colon is removed.
  • Proctocolectomy is the elimination of the large intestine alongside the rectum.
  • In Hemicolectomy, the right or left portion of the colon is removed.


It is a surgical treatment that essentially changes how you excretes waste and fecal matter. Doctors endorse this system to treat a blockage, an injury, Crohn’s disease, and even colorectal cancer. In this procedure, one tip of your large intestine is diverted via an incision in the abdominal wall to an opening, acknowledged as a stoma. You ought to maintain in mind that colostomies do not supply permanent solutions, specifically in teens with delivery effects.

Endoscopic surgery

This kind of surgical operation lets the medical professional see the interior of your colon and operate with the assistance of a tube with a digicam and light at the tip, regarded as a scope. This surgery additionally allows the healthcare professional to make the surgical procedure besides making any essential incisions. This permits for quicker healing along with minimal ache and discomfort.

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