How to cure piles with medicine?

How to cure piles with medicine?

Table of Contents

  1. What are Piles?
  2. Main Causes of Piles
  3. What are The Grades of Piles?
  4. Treatment of Piles – Home Remedies & Medication
  5. Best Medicine for Piles

What are Piles?

As the name suggests, Hemorrhoids are a collection of inflamed tissue caused by swollen veins in and around the anus & rectal area that become inflamed and swollen. Commonly known as piles, they got the nickname piles from the Latin word ‘pila,’ which means ball. Piles can appear as if balls, hence the name.

It is a painful condition that will affect both men and ladies of any age bracket. However, it’s more prevalent in older people. Piles are often either internal or external piles. For some people, both internal and external piles can occur at an equivalent time. Internal piles are mostly deep into the anal canal, and external piles occur near the area of the anal canal. This inflammation or swelling of the blood vessels within the anal canal may occur thanks to obesity, chronic constipation, lifting heavyweight, sodomy, pregnancy.

Main Causes of Piles

The primary explanation for piles is increased pressure within the lower rectum. This pressure could be because of:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Pregnancy
  • Bowel movement strain

The blood vessels of the rectum or anal canal stretch under pressure, resulting in swelling and bulging, thereby forming hemorrhoids.

Piles are distressing, make you feel awkward, and often make you feel shameful. It is imperative to find and get a cure and the resulting relief that is complete! And this is possible with piles medicines and a blend of dietary, medicinal, and surgical procedures!

What Are The Grades of Piles?

Based on the severity of the condition, piles are often of 4 grades.

Grade-I: Small inflammations everywhere the inner lining of the anal canal.

Grade-II: It remains inside the anus but is larger in size than Grade I. These could get pushed out during movement.

Grade-III: Is visible outside the anus. Hanging hemorrhoids from the rectum can be felt but can easily be reinserted.

Grade-IV: There are large hemorrhoids observed, which remain outside the anus. These can’t be pushed back inside and wish to be treated with no delay.

The form of treatment and piles medicine is finalized by the severity and grading of the condition. Depending on the sort and grade of piles, the treatment may differ from case to case.

If you suspect that you have one or more symptoms of piles, as is always recommended, it is good to consult a medical expert and get it verified for further treatment as advised. As is the case with any disease, early detection is half the battle won! Besides helping in relatively easy and quick recovery, it will also help save on medical costs, including surgery.

Treatment of Piles – Home Remedies & Medication

  1. Diet Control: A high fibre diet is recommended, which helps prevent constipation and thereby reduces the strain during bowel movements. Increasing water intake may also be advised.
  2. Weight Control: If your BMI is on the upper side, the doctor might suggest a weight reduction decision to reduce the severity and recurrence of piles.
  3. Medication: The doctor might suggest painkillers, ointments, creams, etc. depending on the severity of redness, swelling, and pain around the anus,

The doctor may additionally suggest some laxatives to ease the strain, thanks to constipation.

We recommend you book a meeting with Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic, where you’ll avail of the fastest and most advanced treatment for piles in Hyderabad. Our doctors would even be happy to clarify any of your queries associated with piles.

Best Medicine for Piles

At Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic in Hyderabad, our doctors employ advanced treatment methods for effective medicine of piles. Some of the piles treatment options used at Laser Piles Clinic include:

  1. Elastic Ligature: One of the most commonly used and effective treatments for piles, in this procedure, an elastic band is placed at the base of the swollen blood vessel, which blocks blood flow to hemorrhoids leading it to shrink and break down.
  2. 2. Coagulation: Infrared rays are applied to the vein supplying blood to the hemorrhoid, blocking the blood supply, causing the hemorrhoid to retract.
  3. 3. Sclerosing Treatment or Sclerotherapy: A chemical is injected at the base of hemorrhoid, causing it to harden and retract.
  4. Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy: Piles are stapled back to their original place.
  5. Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty: A minimally invasive procedure where laser beams are directed towards the target tissue, causing the narrowing or closing of the blood vessels supplying blood to the hemorrhoids. This leads to the drying and deflation of the hemorrhoids.

Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic is one of the best places for the best medicine for piles treatment in Hyderabad. We are equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment and methods for diagnosing and treating different types of piles. Our piles doctors encompass comprehensive knowledge and training in performing various diagnostic techniques to determine the type and severity of piles, suggest the course of piles medicine, and use minimally invasive procedures to relieve patients from this painful and often embarrassing condition. Book an appointment with Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic now!

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