Fistula Laser Treatment Cost

What is The Cost of Fistula Laser Treatment in Hyderabad?

Table of Contents

  1. What is Fistula?
  2. Symptoms of Fistula
  3. Causes – Anal Fistula
  4. Diagnosis of Fistula
  5. The Solution
  6. Fistula Laser Treatment Cost in Hyderabad
  7. Finally

What is Fistula?

A fistula occurs as a result of an abnormal connection between two body parts, usually an organ or vessel and another structure. They are usually caused by an injury or surgery. Sometimes, infection or inflammation also can result in a fistula.

Theoretically, while Fistula can happen in many different places of the human body, the most common locations however are:

  • An artery and vein
  • The cervix and vagina
  • The neck and throat
  • The space inside the skull and paranasal sinus
  • The bowel and vagina
  • The colon and surface of the body, causing faeces to exit through a gap aside from the anus
  • The stomach and surface of the skin
  • The uterus and greater peritoneal sac (the space between the walls of the abdomen and internal organs)
  • An artery and vein within the lungs (results in blood not learning enough oxygen within the lungs)
  • The navel and gut

Symptoms of Fistula

The symptoms will vary depending on the location:

  • Between different parts of the large and small intestines: diarrhoea
  • Between the intestines and the bladder: urinary tract infection
  • Between the intestines and vagina: stool or gas may passed through the vagina

The most common fistulas tend to occur in and around the anus, so the symptoms to be watchful for are inflammation, swelling, or pain around the rectal area. You may also notice a lump initially at the location of the opening of the fistula; these lumps can open and start oozing foul-smelling fluids like pus, blood, or stool. Some other symptoms for a few other types of fistula are:

  • Burning smell while urinating; the urine may contain blood
  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Bleeding
  • Occasionally fever coupled with feeling tired

Causes – Anal Fistula

The leading causes are

  • Clogged anal glands and anal abscesses.
  • Regional enteritis (a disease of the intestine) and
  • Radiation (due to treatment for cancer)

Diagnosis of Fistula

A digital rectal examination is sufficient to diagnose an anal fistula but some patients require more tests to screen for:

  1. Sexual infections
  2. Inflammatory bowel diseases
  3. Rectal cancer
  4. Diverticular diseases

Doctors suggest tests like ultrasound, a CT scan, or an MRI to be conducted.

The Solution

While prevention is the best treatment helped by maintaining a good nutritional habit coupled with abstaining from smoking which is critical for fistula healing, treatment at times involves surgery to cut the connection between the organs.

Anal fistula can be treated but they do not heal quickly as fibre tissues develop on the inner walls of the fistula.

Fistula Laser Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

At Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinic, we believe in giving you the individual attention that you deserve. We are a specialty clinic in Hyderabad that’s dedicated to the Laser treatment of Piles, Fistula, and other related challenges. Our dedicated team of doctors, advanced laser surgery equipment, and economic costs make us the foremost sought out clinic for colon-related medical conditions in Hyderabad.

The fistula laser treatment cost will depend on the complexity of the individual cases. While fistulectomy is the most common surgical procedure used in a majority of fistula cases. The other methods may be using a bio prosthetic plug using a skin graft, coring out fistulous track using a dissection. While Laser ablation and using fibrin glue are two non-invasive options, on the other hand for complex cases Seton Techniques or Advancement Flap Procedures are used as seen fit by our doctors at our Laser Piles Clinics. We also have lady doctors for lady patients.


Having a fistula like any other disease is undoubtedly going to be an unpleasant experience, more so if you have ignored it for a while and discovered it late. The good news is that with 7 branches of our Vitality’s Laser Piles Clinics in and around Hyderabad, we have specialised and experienced doctors with excellent advanced laser treatment you do end up getting diagnosed with a fistula, at an affordable cost! So keep an eye on the symptoms and if you do notice any of them listed above, feel free to contact our specialists at your nearest Laser Piles Clinic’s branch. We are just a call away and what’s more the first consultation is absolutely free!

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