How to Relieve Piles

How to Relieve Painful Piles

Swollen tissues in and around the rectum are known as piles or hemorrhoids. They can be extremely painful, itchy and are prone to bleeding. The good news is that the pain can be relieved at home with the help of a few simple remedies.

How to Relieve Piles

Apple Cider Vinegar

This method is effective for external piles. Soak a bit of apple cider vinegar in a swab of cotton and apply it on the piles on the exterior part of the anal canal. Apple cider vinegar is known to provide instant relief. Application of the apple cider vinegar to the piles may cause a bit of a sting, but the sensation means that it is taking action on the piles and it is a good sign. The vinegar, which is an antiseptic, kills the germs. The properties of vinegar aid in the healing process.

Cold Compression

Cold compression is one of the best methods of relieving pain and swelling caused by piles. All you have to do is add ice cubes to a clean cloth or handkerchief and place it on the affected part. This helps in the reduction of swelling and eases pain. It makes it a lot easier to pass stools without a problem. Ideally, cold compression should be done every 2 hours.

Warm Water Soak

Soaking oneself in a tub of warm water is a wonderful way of relieving pain and reducing swelling by gently relaxing the muscles. Make sure that the water being used is warm and not hot. Ideally, soaking oneself for around 20 minutes should help ease the pain. Make sure that you use a wet towel instead of a dry one to wipe the affected area.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant with a variety of medicinal properties including antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ones. The first step is to peel off the exterior part of aloe vera which includes its thorny sides. The internal part of the plant contains a gel-like substance which should be scooped out and applied on the affected area.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has healing properties. When ginger is ground into lemon juice and a dash of honey is added to it and consumed, it acts as a detoxifier and an internal antiseptic. This is perfect for curing internal piles. For external piles, you can soak lemon juice into a cotton swab or a tiny sponge and apply it on the affected area. Doing this, will help reduce swelling and decrease pain.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very good for health and regular consumption of it can prevent piles. However, it also helps in curing piles if you are already suffering from the condition. Olive oil can be consumed by cooking food in it or adding a bit to your food after it is cooked. It helps in the reduction of swelling and trauma by improving the elasticity of blood vessels. The monosaturated fatty acids present in olive oil further helps in easing bowel movement.

Keep the Affected Area Moist

It is important to keep the area affected by piles moist. This is because dryness can aggravate piles and cause them to bleed. Usage of a wet cloth on the affected area is a lot better than using a dry towel or a dry cloth. Using a dry towel as a wipe can scratch or break open the piles and cause them to bleed.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil when mixed with sweet almond oil or castor oil and applied on the hemorrhoids/piles can almost instantaneously reduce inflammation.

Consume Vitamin E

Consume food that contains vitamin E such as green leafy vegetables and nuts. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in preventing and reducing the clotting of blood. This method may take time to completely cure piles. However, it manages to do the job slowly but surely.

While all of these are some of the most commonly used pain relief techniques, it’s always advised to talk to a doctor before you start experimenting anything on your own. This is because of the fact that a doctor will do a diagnosis to find out the stage of your piles and suggest you remedies that could work best for you. Some of the solutions mentioned above might not be suitable for some people due to other medications, food habits, etc. Hence it is highly recommended that you visit an expert before trying out any home remedies.

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