Why Surgical Treatment of Anal Fistula is a Challenge

The anatomical location of the disease & potential risks like postoperative fecal incontinence & septic complications, treating anal fistula is in fact a challenge. However, primary objective of surgical intervention is to heal fistula, but morbidity of the operation is equally important. Fistulotomy is one of the most commonly performed operations as treatment for anal fistula. The operation entails division of anal sphincter muscle which put the patient at risk of postoperative stool incontinence.

Surgical Treatment of Anal Fistula is a Challenge

What is Anal Fistula?

Anal fistula basically is an abnormal tunnel which connects two body cavities or a body cavity to skin. Anal fistulas usually result due to infection, injury or surgery. There is tunnel between skin to rectum and/or anus when you are having an anal fistula. Most often peri-anal abscess has a 50% chance of turning into an anal fistula.

Diagnosing Anal Fistula

Normally, anal fistulas do not cause any harm, but they can be a nuisance & cause pain or discomfort alongside discharging blood, pus or stool. Drainage under local anesthesia may be required as they can form recurrent abscesses. Diagnosis of anal fistula is usually made on the basis of physical findings & clinical history. General examination of the rectal region will reveal an opening of fistula on skin. This area may also be painful during examination. There may be redness along with discharge. It is also possible to explore anal fistula using a fistula probe which is a narrow instrument. It may therefore be possible to find both ends of the anal fistula through this probe.

Treatment for Anal Fistula

Treatment of anal fistula will depend upon how the problem presents itself. In case there is abscess or active infection, it would require drainage of pus & antibiotics as treatment. Subsequently when the infection is cleared the fistula can be surgically treated. Long term drainage is required by inserting a seton if it is difficult to get rid of the infection. The procedure involves looping a length of suture material or thin rubber tubing through the fistula in order to keep it open & allow pus, to drain out. Aim of treatment however is to prevent recurrence of anal fistula. However, treatment would depend upon where the fistula is located & the part where it is crossing the anal sphincter. There are many treatment options for anal fistula. Anal fistulas can also be laid open until the wound heals from inside out. However, it will be required to dress daily for a short period of time.

Other Ways of Treating Anal Fistula

Other ways of treating anal fistula are using fistula plug, fibrin glue injection, using a seton to cut through the deep fistulous tract & creating a flap to cover the internal fistula opening. All these procedures have their own advantages & disadvantages. However, some types of fistulas are very difficult to treat, especially when they are caused by inflammatory bowel diseases like the Crohn’s disease. Moreover, patients who are suffering from recurrent anal fistula should also be investigated for inflammatory bowel disease. However, most anal fistulas can be cured with perseverance & patience.

Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula  

The anal region is a complex anatomy. Anal canal as such is designed to store feces until the time it can be discharged. Anus is therefore endowed with nerves to sense arrival of stools & associated muscles to hold stool until the time they can be discharged. The glands in the region are meant to lubricate stools & thereby allow easy passage. Advanced FDA approved treatment of anal fistula with laser coagulation causes the fistula to collapse & subsequently heal. This treatment is safe regarding infection & incontinence. Majority of patients undergoing laser treatment for anal fistula have shown complete healing outcomes. Laser Piles Clinics in Hyderabad are dedicated towards nonsurgical laser treatment of piles/hemorrhoids, anal fissures & anal fistula. They are also having lady doctors for treatment of female patients. Look no further, if you are looking for piles treatment in Hyderabad at affordable costs, Laser Piles Clinic is your best bet!

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