Avail the Best Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures

Avail the Best Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures

The good news is Anal Fissures are treatable. This is why you should stop suffering in silence if you are experiencing sharp & stabbing pain while passing stools. Paper-cut-like painful tears within the anal canal are known as anal fissures. Treatment of anal fissures is very important merely because they cause a high risk of infection. However, you should know that there are treatments which are available for anal fissures & the best & the most advanced is the laser treatment.

More about Anal Fissures

These are basically tiny tears within the anal canal. Apart from the pain they cause, anal fissures can also bleed a lot. They are potentially embarrassing & the sight of seeing blood coming out of the rectum can be emotionally traumatic. The bad news is that many people with anal fissures suffer in silence instead of opting for treatment.

Anatomy of the Diseased Region

The opening of our anus is oval shaped & is not perfectly round. Moreover the skin is pinched towards the bottom of this oval shape. This is the pinched area where most anal fissures tend to happen. Due to the reason that the skin is pinched there is not much flow of blood to the area. Subsequently, lack of blood flow to the tear prevents it from healing. However, for some people tears get healed up on its own, but for others the anal fissure tear breaks open once again every time they pass stool. This type of tear is known as chronic anal fissure & it can be quite painful.

What are the Causes of Anal Fissures?

The main cause of anal fissure is trauma to the anal canal. The two main reasons which cause trauma to anal canal are constipation & anal sex. Straining with hard stools while trying to poop can develop tears or pounding during anal sex can also cause anal fissures.

Treatment for Anal Fissures

Small anal fissures may not require any treatment & may heal up on their own. Small to medium sized anal fissures are usually treated with creams that dilate blood vessels in order to stimulate blood flow & promote healing to the affected region. However, large anal fissures which are chronic may require that you visit a proctologist for surgical treatment. Doctors usually recommend surgery for people whose symptoms are severe or are having chronic anal fissures which are resistant to other types of treatments. This surgical procedure which is known as Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS) involves cutting a small portion of anal sphincter muscle so as to reduce pain & spasm alongside promoting healing. Although surgery is found to be effective for curing chronic anal fissures, it bears the risk of causing fecal incontinence.

Advanced Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures

Advanced laser treatment for anal fissures is approved by the US FDA. This is a nonsurgical procedure which requires no surgical blade, scissors or suture materials. During this procedure there is no cutting or blood loss or chances of recurrence after the treatment. Laser treatment for anal fissures involves less pain & patients can walk out of the clinic the very same day. The entire treatment procedure is completed within 30 minutes & the patient does not require bed-rest for more than 2 days in comparison with 30 days in most cases of surgical intervention.

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