Expert Solutions for the Uncomfortable Problem of Anal Hemorrhoids

Expert Solutions for the Uncomfortable Problem of Anal Hemorrhoids

Anal hemorrhoids are not so often talked about because they are so personal & do not make for a good dinner conversation. However, by the time we reach age 50, many of us would have experienced one or more symptoms of hemorrhoids including discomfort, itching and/or rectal bleeding. Let us see here some of the best solutions available for this uncomfortable problem.

Causes & Symptoms of Anal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids usually develop when veins in lower rectum & anus become inflamed & swollen. Basically, there are two types of hemorrhoids; internal hemorrhoids & external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids located inside the rectum & which are normally painless even when they bleed are known as internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids, however, form under the skin around anus & are therefore more uncomfortable because the area can become irritated & erode. Most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include itching, fecal leakage, pain or swelling around the anus or a lump near the anus.

Risk Factors for Anal Hemorrhoids

There are many risk factors that can cause hemorrhoids. Constipation which can cause chronic straining & result in extended time spent sitting on the toilet seat can contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids. This eventually interferes with the blood flow in the region so as to cause blood to pool & enlarge veins. Pregnancy is another aspect which can increase the risk of hemorrhoid formation. Enlarging of the uterus during childbirth puts pressure on the veins alongside increasing risk of hemorrhoid formation. Moreover, connective tissue which helps in supporting veins can weaken over time during pregnancy & increase the risk of hemorrhoid formation.

Self Treatments for Mild Hemorrhoids

It is possible to alleviate mild hemorrhoids with some simple home remedies. Over-the-counter topical cream treatments with witch hazel in it will help soothe irritation & decrease inflammation. However, ensure to keep the area clean by regular washing with warm water. Make it a point to avoid soap, perfumed or alcohol-based wipes which can be irritating. Choose to see a doctor if things do not improve within a weeks’ time.

Minimally Invasive Technique for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

There are other medical procedures for hemorrhoids which are very painful & bleed frequently. The minimally invasive procedure which is known as rubber band ligation uses small rubber bands for cutting off circulation to hemorrhoids. Sclerotherapy is another option which involves injecting a chemical into the vein & which subsequently shrinks the same.

Surgical Treatments for Hemorrhoids

The surgical procedure through which hemorrhoids can be removed is known as hemorrhoidectomy. This is an effective treatment for severe hemorrhoids but requires extensive aftercare. Another type of surgical treatment is hemorrhoid stapling where staples are used to cut off blood supply to the affected vein. However, this procedure is associated with higher cases of recurrence in comparison with the removal of hemorrhoids.  

Advanced Laser Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Advanced laser treatment for hemorrhoids is a US FDA approved procedure which does not involve any cutting or loss of blood for removal of hemorrhoids. Moreover, recovery following surgery is also simple & most patients are back on their feet after the operation without any dressing. Laser Piles Clinics in Hyderabad is one of the best places where you can seek this treatment at affordable prices. Specialized doctors at Laser Piles Clinics have consistently delivered good success rates on treatment for piles. Laser Piles Clinics also provide lady doctors for treating female patients.

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