What is the Most Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment between Laser and Home Remedies?

What is the Most Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment between Laser and Home Remedies?

Table of Contents

  1. Laser surgery procedure
  2. Little or No Bleeding
  3. Quick Recovery
  4. Minimally Invasive
  5. Minimal Hospital Stay
  6. Fewer Chances of Infection
  7. Home treatment for hemorrhoids
  8. Recommend Diet
  9. Foods to Avoid

Many people differ over the treatment for hemorrhoids. Some people feel home remedies are better while others are of the view that laser treatment is more effective.

We will present the pros and cons of both treatments so readers can decide what would suit them best and prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids. People who have hemorrhoids feel a lot of pain that is annoying. But you would be pleased to know that it can be treated.

Hemorrhoids occur when tissue and veins that gather swell and become inflamed, leading to severe pain. They develop within or outside the anal region and the type of hemorrhoids differ in magnitude and seriousness.

Laser surgery procedure

Laser surgery is surely better than scalpel surgery as it is not so invasive and will not lead to wounds and cuts. In laser surgery, a procedure is performed in the affected area by directing laser energy that concentrates accurately to fix the problem just a few minutes after it is done. It also allows the patient to be discharged the same day of the surgery from the hospital.

This procedure lets laser energy be provided by essential fiber in the nodes of the submucosal hemorrhoids to shrivel them from inside. This cuts down the blood supply that causes irregular growth and also avoids prolapse from occurring or recurring. The surgery only takes a few minutes and there is minimal pain and bleeding. The restrictions are less and the patient would not need to visit a doctor often as would not have been the case in a scalpel surgery.

Laser surgery benefits

Little or no bleeding

As the laser energy is focused specifically to treat the affected part of the anal region, cuts and bleeding are avoided.

Quick recovery

The recovery time is very less and it helps in sorting out symptoms to better the life quality of patients.

Minimally invasive

Avoids cuts and wounds.

Minimal hospital stay

Since the procedure is completed in a few minutes, the patient need not stay at the hospital overnight.

Fewer chances of infection

As there are no cuts and wounds in laser surgery, the chances of developing any kind of infection are few or none.

Apart from the above, a patient can immediately return to a normal lifestyle by following a few precautions. The patient should avoid activities that require strain for some time.

Home treatment for hemorrhoids

When you want to treat piles staying at home, be ready to adapt to some lifestyle changes. Food habits must also change as the kind of food consumed decides the recovery.

Drinking enough water puts an individual at a lesser risk of piles and also prevents constipation.  Have soluble as well as insoluble fibers for a healthy stomach. Legumes, which are edible seeds include chickpeas, lentils, soy, beans and peanuts. They make your stool loose and help you in preventing straining during bowel movement.

Have a generous quantity of whole grains including brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta bran, cereals and barley, which are fiber-rich food that relaxes the stool and eases the pain.

Having pears and apples makes your stool heavy, smoothening your bowel movement.

Have liquids like prescribed juices, coconut water and soups of vegetables to make you feel light and for a painless bowel movement. Having liquids or semi-solid meals prevents you from making you feel full, reduces acidity and restlessness.

Patients are also recommended to have bananas, celery and broccoli for easing their stool movement as they provide sufficient soluble fibers. They also have antioxidant properties.

Foods to avoid

When suffering from piles, people should keep away from consuming alcohol, spicy and deep-fried food, dairy products, caffeinated drinks, processed food and red meat – all of which affect digestion adversely, causing severe pain and uneasiness while defecating which may cause inflammation and increased swelling.

If you stick to home remedies strictly, you can avoid laser surgery. One must, however, consider if it is in the initial stages. If the piles are causing severe pain and discomfort, then individuals should opt for laser surgery as home remedies will not prove to be effective enough to treat piles.

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