How to Sleep During Piles or Hemorrhoids?

How to Sleep During Piles or Hemorrhoids?

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  1. How to sleep with piles or hemorrhoids?
  2. Best sleeping position for piles
  3. Why do piles patients experience more pain by the end of the day?

The way you sleep during piles is critical as it addresses the ailment and symptoms. The sleeping posture and behaviors one sticks to throughout the condition can either mitigate it or aggravate it.

Apart from keeping track of what you are eating and how you work out, the way you manage your sleep regimen will also annoy you when you have piles. While sleeping, ensure to stay in a position so as not to strain your anal region.

How to sleep with piles or hemorrhoids?

Here are some tips that doctors suggest you follow when one has piles.

  • Always choose to sleep on a soft mattress. Hard mattresses only serve to exacerbate the disorder.
  • In the same way, wear clothes that are comfortable while going to sleep. Avoid tight-fitting clothes.
  • It is better not to wear underwear as the skin in the region surrounding the anus gets enough breathing space, allowing it to recover.
  • Avoid sleeping on your backs. If people with piles do sleep on their backs, pressure can be exerted on their anal area, causing more pain.
  • They should avoid eating spicy or oily foods before they fall asleep. Otherwise, they would be forced to make repeated visits to the toilet and it will only worsen their condition.

Best sleeping position for piles

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids or piles are advised to sleep on their sides to manage their condition better. It also reduces pressure on their backs.

While lying down, a patient should keep a soft pillow beneath his/her knees. Doing so will alleviate the pressure on the anus.

Why do piles patients experience more pain by the end of the day?

Most patients with piles suffer from severe pain by evening or when they are about to sleep. Pressure applied on the anal region increases as the day passes by because during the day the patients exert themselves doing their usual activities. This causes more pain in and around the skin by evening.

  • To alleviate discomfort caused by piles and to sleep well without aggravating pain certain practices are suggested.
  • Patients should drink water throughout the time they are awake.
  • They should not walk or do any work that is strenuous.
  • Avoid lifting weight of any amount so as not to strain the body.
  • They should have a minimum of four sitz baths per day.
  • They should restrain from scratching or touching the site where the condition is.

People suffering from piles or hemorrhoids should immediately consult experienced colorectal surgeons to understand the condition and know what treatment would be best for them.

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