Which Treatment is Best for Piles Naturally

Which Treatment is Best for Piles Naturally?

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are the inflamed tissues that develop in an individual’s anal canal. The different piles causes include constipation, sedentary lifestyle, heavy weightlifting, smoking, alcohol consumption, and family history. It is also found that stress also leads to the development of piles. Some of the common signs and symptoms of piles include rectal pain, itching, bleeding, and redness in the respective area. Once these symptoms are experienced regularly, then it becomes crucial to find a solution to these problems. For instant relief, one can go ahead with effective natural remedies. These remedies will be highly useful, especially in the initial stages of piles. Here are some of the proven piles treatment at home that will provide the individual with the best results.

How to treat piles at home

If you are thinking about piles treatment home remedy that will lead to decent relief in the condition, you must choose the natural remedies smartly to achieve the required results. One of these remedies’ unique benefits is that they usually do not lead to side effects or cause deterioration of the patient’s condition.

1. Cold compresses

This is an effective way that leads to piles treatment naturally. If one faces difficulty due to large hemorrhoids, then applying ice packs covered with a layer of cloth for 10 – 15 minutes will be useful. You will be able to see the improvements within a few days to weeks.

2. Witch hazel

This remedy is a piles treatment in Ayurveda. Witch Hazel has anti-inflammatory properties that will lead to reduction in swelling of the hemorrhoids. This remedy is available in different forms, including anti-itch wipes, soaps, and liquid form. Similar piles treatment in homeopathy are also available for curing the case of the patients.

3. Epsom salt

If you like taking warm baths, adding Epsom salt to the warm water for a bath can do wonders for the condition due to piles. In this way, there will be a gradual reduction in pain. A 20-minute warm water bath with Epsom salt will relax the patient from the existing discomfort.

4. Coconut oil

It is highly beneficial in reducing the itching and discomfort issues associated with the piles presence. Most of the patients feel the urge to scratch after being affected with piles. Routine coconut oil application leads to improvement in the patient’s condition to an appreciable extent.

5. Over the counter ointments

If you are looking for immediate relief from the pain and discomfort due to the piles occurrence, you can choose over the counter ointments. These ointments reduce the pain and itching for the time being.

6. Soothing wipes

Soothing wipes that comprise ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel must be chosen over the regular toilet papers. Before buying the soothing wipes, make sure that these wipes do not consist of alcohol or artificial ingredients. This will ensure that the condition of the individual does not deteriorate further. In this way, various remedies of piles treatment naturally will be useful for the patients.

How to use aloe vera for piles treatment

Piles treatment in ayurveda includes different remedies that will lead to promising improvements in the individual’s condition. Aloe vera is one of the unique natural remedies that has healed various internal and external problems.

Piles treatment at home that includes aloe vera can be utilized in aloe vera gel or juice form. Both of these forms of aloe vera are very useful for patients. Aloe vera gel can be mixed with few drops of lavender oil for achieving the best results. It is always recommended to consult a specialist before applying a new product over the new product. You can use the freshly extracted gel or the one available at the chemist store. You can apply the gel in the affected area 2 to 3 times every day for the best results. Gradually, you will see appreciable changes in your condition.

In the initial stages of piles, aloe vera juice is an effective way for piles treatment naturally. Add green apple and aloe vera gel mixture to water and consume it everyday. Make sure you consume the juice early in the morning. Aloe vera reduces inflammation and increases strength in the individual. It also helps in preventing the occurrence of constipation that is known to worsen the condition of piles.

If one is facing constant issues including bleeding and pain in the anal area for more than a week, then it’s important to make sure that one consults a piles specialist. At this point, finding and finalizing the right doctor becomes a challenging situation. If you are in a similar state, then book a consultation with one of the top piles specialists at Laser Piles Clinic and get treated successfully.

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