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Cracks or tears within the anus & anal canal are known as Anal Fissures. These fissures can be acute or chronic. Anal fissures are primarily caused by trauma, but many other non-traumatic diseases are also associated with fissures. Pain during & following bowel movements is the primary symptom of anal fissures. Other symptoms of anal fissures include itching, bleeding & a malodorous discharge. Anal fissures can affect people of all ages, including young & healthy people. Normally, anal fissures are evaluated & diagnosed by doctors through visual inspection of the anus & anal canal. Initially, they are conservatively treated with home remedies & later through prescription drugs when they fail to heal with less conservative treatments. Surgery for anal fissures is the last resort. Lateral Sphincterotomy was up till now considered as a gold standard for treating chronic anal fissures until more advanced laser treatments came as help. Laser treatment for anal fissures is a nonsurgical procedure which is quick & simple & does not involve any cutting or bleeding.

Advanced Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures in Hyderabad - Laser Piles Clinic

What are the Main Causes of Developing Anal Fissures?

Trauma or injury to anal canal is the main cause of anal fissures. Most often these injuries happen due to the reasons mentioned below.

● While passing large stools ● Trying to pass hard stools during constipated condition ● Having repeated diarrhea ● Childbirth in females can cause trauma to anal canal ● During rectal examination ● Anal intercourse ● Crohn’s disease ● Extra tension in two muscular sphincters controlling anus

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Anal Fissures?

Almost always people with anal fissures experience pain which worsens with bowel movements. This brain may either be brief or long-lasting. Normally, this pain is found to subside between bowel movements. Sometimes, this pain is so severe that patients avoid passing stools. This eventually results in constipation & fecal impaction. Subsequently, constipation results in passage of larger & harder stools which cause further trauma that worsens anal fissures. In many cases, this pain also affects urination. Patients can feel discomfort while passing urine (dysuria), inability to urinate or frequent urination. Itching (pruritus ani), bleeding in small amounts & malodorous discharge may also occur due to formation of pus in fissures. Anal fissures are most commonly are found to bleed in infants.

Diagnosing & Evaluating Anal Fissures

A detailed study of the history of the patient will usually suggest presence of anal fissures. Moreover, gentle inspection of anus will confirm presence of anal fissure. When gentle pulling apart edges of anus by separating buttocks will not reveal a fissure, more vigorous examination is applied with help of a topical anesthetic to anus & anal canal. Acute anal fissures look like simple linear tears. Chronic anal fissures have thickened edges of the fissure along with muscle fibers of internal sphincter visible at base of fissure. Other visible signs of chronic anal fissures include tag of skin at the edge of anus (sentinel pile) & enlarged anal papilla at the upper end of fissure within the anal canal. Endoscopic evaluation of anal fissures is employed when rectal bleeding is present. This is necessary to exclude possibility of some other more serious disease of anus & rectum. Sigmoidoscopy will be able to examine distal portion of colon & may be reasonable for patients who are below 50 years of age. Colonoscopy is recommended for patients who are above 50 years of age & with a family history of colon cancer.

Treatment Options for Anal Fissures

Basic goal of treatment of anal fissures is to cure spasms occurring in anal sphincter & repeated tearing of anoderm. Adding bulk to stool & softening with psyllium or methylcellulose preparations is tried as initial treatment. A high fiber diet is also recommended alongside.

Home Remedies for Anal Fissures ● Avoid consuming ‘sharp’ foods like tortilla chips, popcorn & nuts ● Increase intake of liquids ● Take stool softeners ● Sitz baths – soaking in a tub of warm water after bowel movement

Best Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures in Hyderabad

There are 5 laser piles clinics spread across the length & breadth of Hyderabad. Each of these is equipped with state-of-the-art technology providing laser treatments for piles/hemorrhoids, anal fissures & anal fistula. Laser treatment for anal fissures at Laser Piles Clinic is quick & easy & completed as a day procedure within 30 minutes of time. Moreover, laser treatment for anal fistula does not involve any cutting or bleeding. It is a low pain procedure & patients can resume work almost immediately. Action of the anal sphincter is also well preserved & there is no complication of incontinence or fecal leak as such. Alongside these advantages there is less postoperative discomfort & faster recovery. Get going, in case you are seeking the most advanced laser treatment for anal fissures in Hyderabad, visit the nearest Laser Piles Clinic near you.

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