Laser Piles Clinic is the Best Place to Undergo Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Treatment for hemorrhoids basically is a two-step process. To begin with you have to in fact improve your lifestyle. Reducing inflammation however is the next step. FDA approved advanced laser piles surgery is a nonsurgical treatment which simple & free of pain. It helps heal ruptured veins & stops associated pain & bleeding. This is the best type of treatment for piles/hemorrhoids which does not involve any cutting or bleeding. Moreover, after a short rest the patient is back on the feet again.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Vascular structures near the anal canal which get inflamed are known as piles/hemorrhoids. These swollen structures in the anal canal subsequently cause bleeding, or discomfort. Normally, these veins help in smooth movement of the bowel. However, when these thin veins which are extremely sensitive get inflamed, they can cause a lot of pain & discomfort during defecation.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids & external hemorrhoids are the two types of piles. Internal hemorrhoids which are not visible do not normally cause any major discomfort. Bleeding is the only sign of their presence without discomfort. External hemorrhoids which are present at the anus tend to bleed & hurt a lot, especially while passing stools.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Large intestine is useful for storing feces or waste & undigested food which is to be expelled from the body. The feces are finally expelled through the anus. A healthy large intestine is designed to hold & expel fecal material, quickly & efficiently.

Prolonged conditions within the region increase pressure on the anal canal. Some of the most common conditions causing hemorrhoids include the following.

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Straining during defecation
  • Inconsistent bowel movements
  • Chronic cough

Conventional Surgical Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Most hemorrhoid cases are unfortunately treated through a 19th century procedure called hemorrhoidectomy. This operation involves removal of hemorrhoids with scissors & a surgical knife while the patient is under intubation anesthesia. There is considerable risk on older patients with this procedure, especially the ones who are having heart & lung diseases as well. Moreover, this is a one-size-fit-all surgical intervention through which both internal & external hemorrhoids are removed. Subsequently wounds are sutured & which cause further pain. Hemorrhoidectomy causes damage to tissues due to surgery, while recovery is slow & bowel movements are unimaginably painful. To complicate the situation, patients require more narcotics which in turn cause constipation. It takes about two weeks or more for patients to return to work after hemorrhoidectomy operation. Urinary retention is another complication of this operation.

Undergo FDA Approved Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

Laser Hemorrhoidectomy is a minimally invasive treatment for hemorrhoids which is less painful. Laser treatments use two settings. One, a narrow beam for cutting & the other wide angle beam for vaporizing. The beam seals & coagulates as it divides hemorrhoids in the cutting mode. This process is much gentler than performed by surgical scissors & the laser beam only penetrates a small fraction of tissue. This is the reason it does not damage underlying structures. The laser beam simply vaporizes the hemorrhoid & leaves a small dry scar in the vaporizing mode. It will not be possible to do this with the surgical scissors. This is the main reason as to why hemorrhoids can be more effectively treated with laser. The operation using laser for hemorrhoids is more complete along with lesser damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Piles Treatment in Hyderabad at Laser Piles Clinics 

Piles treatment in Hyderabad just got better. Laser Piles Clinics offer some of the best treatments for piles in the city. Using advanced technology which is approved by the US FDA, Laser Piles Clinics boast of good success rates on laser treatments for piles. The entire treatment procedure is knife-less & without scissors. Just imagine walking out of the clinic within 2 – 4 hours’ time without any bandages. Laser treatment for piles will not disturb your daily activities. Laser Piles Clinics also provide dedicated lady doctors for female patients. If you are looking for the best & most advanced nonsurgical treatment for piles, schedule your appointment now! Call us: 910 850 3674, Email: support@laserpiles.com

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